Can’t Stop What’s Coming

So here I’ll introduce myself.  I was raised in a small city surrounded by hay fields and spiky mountains.  I now live in a large city surrounded by cement and lights.

I am a sister, wife and mother.  I have dogs, cats and fish.

I love to write, paint, sculpt and sketch.  I also play the piano, organ and harpsichord.  Books and music have always been an enormous part of my life.

My name in this blog comes from my love of Tori Amos and her body of work.  Her songs have filled the soundtrack of my life from the age of thirteen; she has been my silent companion through good times and bad.  In light of that, there is a song or songs that I can attribute to different times in my life.  Almost like a smell, hearing a specific song can take me right to that memory of the time I first heard it or it first held meaning for me.  Recognizing that, all of my post titles are song lyrics or titles to songs by Tori Amos.


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