And I Thought

So time to fire up the old blog-a-roo, lots has happened; some good, some bad, all in all I would say things haven’t been so horrible.  Finally.

In August I finally received health insurance.  This has taken such an enormous burden off of me financially, that I have coined this time in my life “Blanketgirl Financial Recovery”.

These damn illnesses were determined to bankrupt me.  Between the payments for the doctors and the outrageous cost of my medications, feeding us was a struggle (good news! because we were so broke, I lost 30 lbs.!) I had thought initially that I hadn’t changed anything to lose the weight, but I had.  Subconsciously I was eating less to leave more for my fam.  I noticed because when things started to look up, I gained two of those pounds back.

I have a new diagnoses to add to the bunch, hyperlipidemia.  Apparently, as my doctor explained it, this type of problem is also genetic.  I had a triglyceride count of 432.  A normal count would be between 120 and 150.  Everything else was normal to low in my panel, so it’s not health related.  Bummer right?  If it were diet I could fix it without meds, alas it is not, so a new prescription is added to the mix.  That makes seven types of medications at different times all throughout the day and night.  That’s not including the bladder installations!  If I add those in, I take nine meds.  Wowza that’s a  lot for a 33 yr old.

My kids and husband are fantastic.  Oldest is running cross country track and is doing very well.  She also is in the art club at her school.  Youngest is in cheer still, and in tumbling.  I love watching them be so successful!

Husband is still working at the same place, he likes it.  We wish he could earn more money, but who doesn’t, right?  We will continue to wish in one hand and doo in the other and see which fills first.  Hah!

I’ve been resting a bunch lately, Interstitial Cystitis flares mixed with fibromyalgia flares mixed with spinal stenosis’ tight grip have left me exhausted.  I take naps everyday, and have had trouble sleeping at night.  The night awakedness (“awakedness” is a made up word by me and I like it) has led to a very successful seven generations of my Sims 3 family.  Thank god for Sims 3.  Without them I would be pacing in circles rocking and crying.  I recommend the game to anyone who has a great imagination and is looking for a distraction.  It does the trick!

I am off to play the piano.  Have been improving my Tori song skill set exponentially.  Feeling a bit cocky about my skills, son.  Hah!  Maybe writing will start again.  I’d love to see me finish my damn book!

Until next time here’s wishing you a fabulous life free of pain and debt.  Wish it for me too, and maybe we can bump that wish-to-doo ratio.


~ by blanketgirl on September 30, 2010.

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  1. So pleased to see you writing again!

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