Something’s Just Keeping

Today I pulled out all my old sheet music from when I was taking piano lessons, about ten years worth of music.  I played through old sonatinas I’d forgotten I’d remembered.  I love this new confidence!

The children had been grounded from TV and movies and video games for 30 days.  The last day was the day before yesterday.  My kids were so pumped!  The reasoning was to help them realize that they needed to complete their chores without being prompted.  I had read a study where it was determined that it takes 27 days to break a bad habit or form a good one.  Achieved!  I love it!  The last few days have been great.  They both arrive home from school and do their homework without me asking.  Their chores are done each day too.  Their clothes are folded in their drawers!  Hooray for small victories!  They have another 30 days looming if they go back to their old ways, this time with everything gone plus music.  I really hope they don’t have to go through that.  I wouldn’t like to enforce it.

I’ve been working on the way I view situations.  I’m trying to be kinder to myself.  I spoke to a friend of mine and she had commented that she thinks I’m so lucky to get to sit around all day sleeping and watching movies or whatever.  What a life!  At first I was really mad.  What a bitch! (I thought) She has no idea what it’s like to want to clean or cook and not be able to because of pain, and she already knows how sick I am.  Instead of defending myself, I just agreed. Yes, yes, be jealous of MY awesome life.  Hah!

I’ve decided that my pain is mine.  I can’t make others understand (aside from those loved ones that know who they are), so defending just makes me tired.  They just don’t and can’t get it.  I hope that my friend never gets sick enough to know how great it is to get to sleep and rest all day.  Whatever.

Oldest begins art club at school next Tuesday.  Yay!  She isn’t able to fit in an elective due to academic tutoring, so this is a good compromise.  Youngest has two more sessions of gymnastics before the week break.  She’s doing the splits.  I’m very impressed.

Husband and I are going to see “Shutter Island” tomorrow.  It looks good.  I love horror/suspense.  We have our fourteen year anniversary coming up in a couple of weeks.  This is our early date together.


~ by blanketgirl on February 19, 2010.

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