With A Demon

Today I set myself up for relaxation.  I knew after so much stress yesterday that I would flare, and wallah!  I did.  This morning I prepared myself by doing a treatment, then went to watch Paranormal State with a friend.  We spent some time chatting while we ate yummy chicken sandwiches (breaded and fried chicken breasts with mayo and lettuce…mmmmm).

After that I watched Youngest at her gymnastics class.  Today was an excellent day for her.  She won the game of Simon Says, which she always tries to win and doesn’t, and she did a hand stand for 72 seconds.  It was awesome.

Oldest is feeling a bit yucky, so we have her taking this herbal remedy my Dad sent me.  It seems to be working, so I think she’ll be back to normal by Sunday.

My Middle Sister posted pictures of her new doggie today.  She had some friends who were moving to a place that didn’t allow pets, so she volunteered to adopt the super cute miniature doberman pincer.  She’s a year and a half old and called Kasey.  So sweet!  Side note: Very happy she didn’t buy Kasey at a pet store.  Never buy dogs at pet stores!  Always rescue!  Check out this list American Kennel Club Breed Rescue if you want a fantastic friend – if your city isn’t listed do an internet search for a local rescue of the breed you would like.  Speaking of which, Husband and I were approached by the magazine people again; I guess that they received lots of comments on our story and would like to revisit with us for the ten year anniversary issue.  Super exciting, right?  The best part is that we have only great things to report.  Our little dog is so happy and snugly.  She sits on my lap or on my hip (if we’re on the couch), and sleeps with me in my bed sometimes.  She’s become the cuddly lap dog I wanted.  I love that she is all healed up and happy.  Her abused edginess has been replaced by trusting calm.

I’m rounding out my relaxing day with a relaxing night of crap movies.  First, “Curse of the Demon” followed by “Night of the Demon”.  Cheesy film heaven.  “You cannot defeat the demon unless you are a true believer.  Sir, are you a true believer?”


~ by blanketgirl on February 5, 2010.

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