Switched to Overload

Recently I’ve gone from having a non-existant life outside my home, to so busy I’m barely arriving on time to each activity.

Today I had a meeting in the morning, followed by a get together with a friend for lunch and shortbread.  Then I gathered up the kiddos and we went to the library.  I’ve really liked getting to the library each week again.

I had two crazy confrontations.  I usually hate these exchanges, but I don’t know, something flipped inside.  I’m wondering if this is invisible PMS.  First, I found a friend whom I felt slighted by and called her on it.  She apologized and told me that she never meant for me to be hurt. (Basically I told her to friend me on Facebook, jokingly serious.  She turned and told me that she doesn’t have time to get on Facebook because she has, well, you know, a life – demands on her time and self.  At the time I just smiled and said okay, but damn if that feelings owie hasn’t been eating at my thought obsessive self!)

Secondly, an angry woman driving in the car in front of mine shouted at me.  I was driving the speed limit and staying a normal distance away, the same distance I keep from everyone when I’m driving.  Apparently I was too close for her comfort.  To be the ultimate bitch, she gestured rudely at me and shouted for me to back off, then slowed to five mph.  I shouted back to her that I had done nothing.  She continued to half grin at me, flip me the birdie and let her car move on the power of fumes and the car being in drive.  I felt murderously angry.  Anyway, I parked the car at the school and went inside to get my kiddo.  When I came out, I was seething from replaying the event in my head.  I thought she was such a rude bitch of a woman to drive like that.  I just wanted to pick up my kid, not be aggravated.  I saw her parked car just a few spaces down from me.  I told Youngest to get in the car, then I approached bitch woman.  I told her I wasn’t tailgating her.  I was driving normally.  Two second rule applied!  I stated that I was not trying to offend her, and that she needs to remember that not everyone would react pleasantly to that treatment.  Road rage is crazy here.  She told me she hoped she’d learned me a lesson about tailgating other people.  Damn, she’s right.  I did learn something; my frustration is temporary, but her stupidity is forever.  Plus she had a mullet.

I have no idea what got in to me today.  I don’t ever act like that!  By the time I was home and settled, the two confrontations had upset me so that I vomited.  What an odd day.


~ by blanketgirl on February 4, 2010.

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