Purple Monkey

I can’t believe it’s already February.  When I was seven it seemed like months would last for years; now I blink and another year has passed.

I’m having a good day today.  My kids are sticking to their grounding and have kept their room clean for two nights in a row.  The rest of the house is tidied up too!  It’s amazing how much time they were spending watching TV!  I think that even when they are finished being grounded they won’t be allowed to return to those old habits.

I’m trying to wake up everyday to take Haleigh to school.  I made it today.  I’ve decided that people who judge me walking out in sweat pants, a bath robe, tall socks, slippers and gloves can fuck right off.  I come back home and go back to sleep if I need to.  Today I needed to.

Husband and I are trying to get some money things under control.  I’m surprised at how much pressure I put on myself to be out of debt.  I can’t stand owing someone else money.  Part of that is starting the ‘Purple Monkey Fund’.  I’m going to put a bit of cash aside for the next random thing that happens to us.  Maybe then I can avoid using the credit cards.  Purple monkeys are random.


~ by blanketgirl on February 1, 2010.

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