Wait I Forgot

It’s so hard to remember to write everyday!  If I do remember, it’s been after midnight, so it wouldn’t have shown up on the proper day.  I suppose that I’m not fulfilling my first goal due to not fulfilling the second; if I were sitting down and writing right when I thought of it (being serendipitous) then the writing would happen.  Satisfying one satisfies the other!

I’m reading a book that is helping me with some cognitive behavioral therapy.  So far I’ve found it quite interesting.  It’s helping guide some of my choices on how I spend my time.  I’m determined to be happy this year.  More ambitious.  Kicking my self esteem in the ass, waking it up a bit.

We packed up Christmas this afternoon.  Within two hours our home went from cheery winter presents are awesome cinnamon baking to suburban home family pictures candle normal decor.  The transition always leaves me a bit out of sorts.  Change doesn’t resonate well with me.  I’ll do it, but I hate it.

I went to see “It’s Complicated” with my friends to celebrate the birthdays of myself and Teabag (long story) last Thursday.  It was funny.  I liked it.  My only observation is that I disliked the way the children responded to their parents affair.  Driving off and leaving Mom totally alone in the middle of the night solves nothing.  Spoiled shits.

Oh!  So I should share the long story about how I’ve come to call my dear friend “Teabag”.  Well, on Thursday we were sitting at lunch and said friend orders a soda and states that she’d love to have tea, since she loves it.  As a matter of fact, she loves tea so much she should be nicknamed “Teabag”.  I started laughing immediately.  So did our other lunch companion.  We were dying.  Teabag?  Really?

Dear friend didn’t understand why we were laughing, so we explained that teabag is another word for putting a scrotum in a persons mouth and moving it in/out, up/down as the way of the teabag.

Hilarious.  Sitting at our table, I found this at urban dictionary (number 7) which you can go read on your own, or read here (please note that I couldn’t find an authors name, so I hope not to offend):

The scrotum, much like the tea bag, is a pouch that is used specifically as a means of convenient storage. The tea bag is to tea-leaves as the scrotum is to testicles. Now most people would come to the consensus that the scrotum is not the most attractive aspect of the male form, and that it should be hidden from view at all times because of its offensive appearance and function. Whenever the scrotum comes out of hiding, people tend to take notice. Imagine a scenario in which you and your close associates are out drinking all night and having a gay old time. Also imagine that you have a friend named Greg, who in light of his low tolerance for alcohol, proceeds to act like a total dilweed for most of the evening, and his night reaches its climax when he passes out. (Note: Greg has passed out with his shoes still on, making him fair game.) You and your friends decide that Greg should be punished for his capriciousness, and one friend-let’s say his name is Jarvis- suggests that “we should tea-bag him!” As has remained constant since the colonial days of tar and feathers, mob mentality prevails. Everyone praises Jarvis for his idea, which seems brilliant in the context of inebriation, and they suggest that he have the honor of performing the deed. Jarvis walks over to the incapacitated Greg, and proceeds to unzip his jeans. He delicately exposes his scrotum and slowly descends, hovering above Greg until he finally allows his junk to come to rest gently on Greg’s face. Applause.

We giggled like teenagers.  It was great.

So.  Good.  I did find things to write.  There it is, right there.  I just have to sit down and do it.


~ by blanketgirl on January 10, 2010.

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