The Moon is in the Street

Wow.  My first night out in so long!

My day started out unusually pallor and longish.  I sent the children off to a birthday party at around two, I was tired and couldn’t possibly accompany them.  I had battled out the morning trying to decide if I had the strength to deal with the laundry.  IC symptoms have been swelling and heaving.  In the end the symptoms won, so the children walked to the end of the block without me.  This is would be the first gathering at this particular household that  I wouldn’t participate in.

At around 6:30p, I started to feel some improvement.  I needed to pick up the kiddos, so I put on my slippers and jumped in the car.  I arrived, and found that it was fairly empty as all the other guests had already left.  It was only me and my two good friends, Comfy and Smarty Pants.  My conservative good judgment lost and I ended up staying put and drinking a beer with my said good friends.

Later Husband joined us.  I loved it!  We talked politics and religion, all things I love to discuss but can’t usually trust in polite company.  We talked about objectivism and the impact of morals on politics and general thinking.

Hooray!  I’m still a functioning grown up!

We won another play date with our good friends, and I can’t wait for it.  This illness has sucked away my life; sometimes the essence of me.  I am a person with thoughts and ideas.  My illness and lack of being out in the world doesn’t make those thoughts go away.

My thought tonight is that if anyone out there has a chronically ill friend, please, please call them.  Say hello.  Ask if they want to talk about anything and everything.

Life is so lonely without friends.


~ by blanketgirl on December 6, 2009.

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