In Graveyards with Vampires

Happy Halloween!

Tonight my kiddos went out with Husband to gather sweets.  Oldest dressed as a gypsy, and Youngest was a “Goth Chick”.  They looked so cute!

Oldest wore a long flowing magenta skirt with sectioned pleats, a peasant top in white and a black vest.  She accessorized with loads of bracelets and huge hoopy earrings.

Youngest wore a black tutu (that I made, thank you very much) with black leggings covered in pink spots, a black top and glittery pig tailed hair.  Her make up was the traditional white face with black dark eye make up and lips.  It was very cute to see her looking so “gothed” out, but so mainstream at the same time.

This is not the gothness of my youth!  I was a bonafide rebel in highschool.  Not this “I’m cool” normalcy that “goth” has become.

I had the pleasure of tending to the trick or treaters that came to our house.  My favorite costume you ask?  That would be the eighteen month old dressed as a chicken.  She had white plumed feathers and a gobbler red piece on her head.  The cutest damn thing ever.

After the sweets were collected and no one else was knocking at my door, we went across the street to hang out with the neighbors.  Oldest lasted until about ten o’clock then had to go home to sleep.  She was completely worn out.  I had to give her kudos for knowing when enough was enough.

Youngest, Husband and I stayed there talking and eating tortilla chips and salsa (no salsa for me) until midnight.  When we returned home I was surprised to find that Oldest had taken Gracie dog to our bedroom and turned on the TV.  I was very impressed!  This is the normal routine for us, and I liked that she did it without my bidding.  She really is growing up.

In the past Halloween has been my favorite holiday.  I always dress up.  I didn’t this year, I was too tired and uncomfortable.  I told Husband, “What was I last year?  I can’t remember.”  He replied, “Nothing, honey.  You haven’t dressed up since you got sick.”

He’s right.

Next year I will dress up.  I will.


~ by blanketgirl on November 1, 2009.

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