Take a Closer Look

Hooray for new graphics cards!  I’m over the moon this afternoon with glee.

For about three months I’ve been struggling with my computer.  I’m a massive Sims fan (since the first installation), and love playing The Sims 3.  Every time I would boot it up, it would take so long to finally get running and load the family choice screen.  After the initial load, the game would crash if I played for more than a few hours and would really chop across the screen when I would scroll from edge to edge.  I was perplexed because all my drivers are up to date and my computer super exceeded all the game requirements, so what the hell?

Anyway, I did some searching online yesterday and found that if the choppy graphics were the main problem, it was most likely a ventilation error with the graphics card.  I read this and moved on.  I didn’t have any outward indication that could be the problem, and I didn’t feel like taking the computer apart.  Silly, lazy me.

This morning I woke up to an empty house.  Within twenty minutes Husband and the kiddos arrived home.  They were out buying a new graphics card; the one we had melted.  The fan had been broken for quite some time from the look of it, and I thought, “Three months maybe?”

My lesson is to always check out the answer that seems the most obvious.  If I had taken the time yesterday to pull the machine apart, I would’ve found the problem before we had to fish out tiny melted bits from the inside of the computer.

Husband told me that in the future I should trust myself more, apparently I know what I’m doing.

Now when I load my game, the time is less than ten seconds from double-click to game play.  I can scroll so quickly that I circle my Sim house twice before I get the hang of the fast movement.  I’m in digital delight mode.

Quickly there’s one other item on my mind.  I sat down last night to review my own health history from the onset of my “IC/Fibro Diary” that I take with me to all my appointments.  The first date is in July of 2008.  As I read it I became frustrated all over again.  The journey has been long and arduous.  From battling to be heard and diagnosed, to battling for medications, I have the makings of quite a dramatic tale.  Husband has challenged me to write up the history in a story form.  At first I jumped at the idea.  I thought it would be an excellent way to illustrate how my journey progressed, and would maybe be helpful to others; and then I decided that it might just make me really sad/mad.  I’m still trying to decide what to do.  Either way it’s a good idea.  Sigh.


~ by blanketgirl on October 25, 2009.

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