Delicious Souls

Today I met another good friend of Sister and Weasels’, Horatio.  He had driven his car to their house, so it was decided that this would be the best time to go into the city.  A favorite local vegan restaurant was the plan.  Sister, Weasel and Horatio had all eaten there in the past and spoke highly of it.  When we arrived and looked over the menu, I was disappointed to find that only one menu item fit within my stringent diet; and it sounded gross.  I had decided to tough it out, then dejectedly stated this would not be the place for me.  I felt so bad!  It seems as though I’m always mucking up dinner plans.  They assured me that it was fine; I hadn’t spoiled anything and we would find somewhere else to eat.

We walked around reading menus, and not finding anything that appealed to all of us.  I apologised.  I was forgiven and told I was being silly – they had eaten at the other restaurant a hundred times and would eat there a hundred more.  The most important thing is that we find a place where we all can have something we like.  After wondering for a bit, we turned a corner and found a restaurant that was located in the basement of an old building.  It looked pretty through the basement windows and menu suggested things that made our mouths water.  This was our winner.

The host found a table for us in a tiny room called the Fire Room.  It held our table of four and a two top.  This was perfect because Sister has her hearing aids and it’s difficult for her to hear us talking when there are lots of background voices and noises.  Already we were off to a grand start.  Next our waiter took our orders for starters.  I had Dauphinoise Potatoes.  Sister ordered a breaded goat cheese dish, along with roasted vegetables.  Horatio ordered marinated olives.  My potatoes were stunning.  I believe that everyone else felt the same way – conversation stopped to allow for lots of mmmm’s and yummy’s and oh’s.

The main courses were something memorable.  I had a perfect steak; I should note here that I have never had a steak come to me exactly as I’ve ordered it.  I asked for it to be medium well, more on the well side.  They achieved this first try.  Whoo hoo!  The fries were placed Jenga style on the plate and were practically as thick and long as the playing pieces.  So yummy!    Sister had a mushroom dish, Weasel and Horatio had monk fish and mashed potatoes.  Each dish was superb and portioned properly to be filling but not gorging.  For dessert I had Madagascar vanilla ice cream.  It was like a fresh milkshake in solid form.  Oh my but was it tasty.  I haven’t had anything so delicious in quite a long time.  Sister had a hazelnut brownie with vanilla ice cream, Horatio had toffee pudding with caramel sauce, and Weasel had a mango sorbet.  She also had a raspberry custard thingy that I can’t remember the name of.  The prices were very reasonable which made the meal that much more enjoyable. We left very satisfied with yummy flavors still on our tongues.

Once we returned back to the house we looked up more information about this delicious discovery.  Interestingly, the restaurant is owned by the employees and they only use locally produced ingredients.  Everything is fresh made in house and has no additives or preservatives, it’s also minimally processed (for example the most processing my steak had was being cut).

The next time I’m here to visit, that is where I want to eat every night.

I have a few more days left here in England.  I’m sad but happy at the same time.  I miss my husband, kids, doggy dears and kitties. It’s a double edged sort of feeling, since I will miss  Sister and Weasel immensely.

Oh!  One other happy thing that happened – husband and I were approved for the refinance of our mortgage.  I’m so happy!  I haven’t talked much about it because of my time warp in entries.  We started the process in July and have been working on it almost everyday.  It’s been stressful and emotionally draining.  Our home is very important to us, we’ve been there for nine years.  I’m so relieved.  Once I return home I’ll sign the papers and everything will be official.  Now I can afford my crippling medical bills (I say that somewhat facetiously).  If you live in the states, make sure to get involved with the healthcare reform and stay informed.  We really need something to change!  I read a statistic that every 30 seconds an American becomes bankrupt from medical costs.  This must change.  I don’t want to be next!

Health wise I’m hanging in there.  I started flaring two days ago and am having trouble dealing with it.  When I’m at home I can just sit around and not do anything and not feel guilty for not doing anything.  Here, I know logically that everyone wants me to be comfortable and will help me any way they can, yet I’m really bad at telling people I don’t feel well.  There are places I want to see and things I want to do; I don’t want to be sick and waste my last few days feeling like shit.  I think I’ve managed okay, aside from feeling more emotional.  I bought a new tens unit that is significantly better than the one the stupid US medical system wanted to sell me for $2500.00 (and my insurance wouldn’t cover).  This one cost me a whopping $75.00, has eight preprogrammed options and unlimited custom options plus it fits in the palm of my hand.  Comparably, the shit unit had two options and was about seven inches tall by five inches wide.  So stupid!  I really like this new one.  It seems to help quite a bit.  I also found a new gel that treats muscle pain and actually works.  It’s become my best friend in regards to treating my Fibro.  Sister is going to send me the gel and pads for my unit and I’ll send her Swedish Fish.  What a deal.


~ by blanketgirl on September 19, 2009.

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