You Better Bring Your Own Sun

So it’s seems as though a million and a half moments have passed since I last posted.  I was doing so well!  Almost everyday for six months!  Sigh.

Once school released the kids for the summer I was screwed.  Life turned hectic in a heartbeat.  Now the girls are back in session.  Oldest is in 7th grade, and youngest is in 3rd.  Both of them are doing really well so far.  I’m very proud.

Husband and I went to see Tori play in July.  It was stunning!  She was beautiful and brilliant as always.  I’m always leaving wishing for more.  If interested, there are performance clips of the show including the set list.  Check it out!  I always feel as though I have this uncanny mental connection somewhere, because she plays the most wonderful songs when I see her that aren’t the typical favourites.  Of course this is absolute shit, but I like to dream.  Hee hee.  I left with all sorts of swag – T-shirts (3), a necklace and the bag.  I couldn’t resist!

On the 31st of August I flew for nine hours to visit my dear sister and Weasel.  The flight was interesting – lots of turbulance and an awesome pilot who was confident enough to turn tightly enough to put the plane almost on it’s side.  Erp.  That’s the sound my stomach made as it turned with the plane.  Thank goodness for barf bags!  Now they just need to perfect said barf bags to actually catch the puke.  Yuck.  Sorry for that.

As I’ve never travelled overseas before, it was all very exciting.  I think I’m still running on adrenaline.  Sister and Weasel collected me at the airport and took me on several puke filled train rides all the way to her little city.  Note:  Never puke in a train car.  The toilet is destroyed.

Now I’ve been here for two days and I’m loving it.  The weather is lovely.  We had rain yesterday and unusually strong wind today.  All things I haven’t felt since I lived in farm country.  The homes are picturesque and quaint.  We walked to the grocery to get food, and I have to say I’m totally impressed with the contents of the food.  In the US I have to be so careful and am extremely limited in what I can eat because of the chemical things in our foods; just general nasty badness that they have genetically created.  Anywho, the food is delightful.  So much to choose from with blueberries!  I’m in blueberry bliss.

I’ve had a hard time getting into the swing of things in the new time zone.  My body wants to eat and sleep at odd times.  I hope it will improve over the next few days as I’m a-scare-did of the dark and I don’t like being awake alone.  I did wake up at around 11:40 this afternoon, so it’s getting better.  I have to hit the wall sometime, then I’ll sleep hard and gloriously.

This afternoon Sister had booked appointments for us at her favourite hair salon.  We walked there (which I love cause the streets are so curvy and interesting compared to the grid lines I’m used to) and enjoyed the scenery.  When we arrived, we both were given our own stylist.  Sister had her hair coloured a beautiful red/brown, then had it cut into the most gorgeous style.  She has flowing layers and it frames her face well.  She could have been an ad for the hair products afterwards.

My stylist was fun to talk to.  She took a minute to warm up to me – I have a funny accent here.  There was silence until we found the common thread of our kids.  Oddly enough we have children almost the same ages and spacing.  Mine are 12 and 8, hers are 11 and 7.  Fun connection to have.  Safe from talking about ourselves, and still personal.  Donna, the stylist, did a wonderful job on my hair.  I haven’t been to a formal salon in about four years.  I loved it!  My style is one I have always liked on me, it’s a shorter in back longer in the front a-frame type cut.  I love it!  My hair looks so sleek and shiny.  Beautiful!  Tomorrow Sister and I will take pictures.  Oh!  One thing that I particularly liked: I had asked Donna if my hair felt healthy for the most part, since I dye it red myself (I’ve been concerned that I may have damaged it), and she said yes, everything was in excellent shape.  While she was blow drying me, another stylist came over next to us and asked Donna if she had done my colour.  “No,” she replied.  “She did it all by herself!”  I won much admiration and praise.  Go me!  Hah!

As usual I’ll wrap with my health update.  So far I’m doing okay.  I’ve been able to find everything I need to keep my cath clean and have a good place to store it.  I also discovered a new lubrication product for the cath that has vastly improved the comfort of the treatments.  I’m hoping my adrenaline rush will help to keep me from feeling too yucky.

I’m having a very nice time.  We have Tori’s concert to go to in a few days (spastic happiness ensuing).  While we’re in the city for the show we’re going to do a little site seeing and I’ll get to play the proper tourist.  I love being here.  I couldn’t imagine anywhere else I’d rather spend three weeks of my life.


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