Pass the Pipe

More water adventures!  Yesterday Husband was sorting and cleaning bits of the garage.  While he was working he noticed a mushy spot in the front yard.  There’s a water mark from the drainage on the driveway and sidewalk.  He does some investigating and finds that the pipe that connects the house to the city line had burst.  It’s been flooding water next to (and under) the house for at least a year.  We know it first appeared around the time we installed the water softener.  At the time we thought the drainage was just what happened when the water softener cycled.  I’ve known something was up above and beyond the water softener for quite some time; my water bill was insanely depressing and expensive.  I was paying almost three times as much as neighbors with the same floor plan.  I have a contract with a plumbing and cooling company that comes and inspects everything once a year, so I thought any leaks that were to be found would be found during that yearly inspection.  Nope.  Since each inspection came out clean, I just figured that we were really using that much water and the kiddos needed to shorten their showers.

I’m happy to have found the leak so it can be repaired.  Apparently when the house was built in 1997 the builder decided to take a cost savings measure and only use copper pipe for the portion of the plumbing that is inside the house.  The line to the city from the house was in PVC pipe.  It’s the PVC that broke.  So annoying!  I swear that that’s the fourth item we’ve found while living here that was an expensive repair because the builder cut corners.  I’m sure that $40.00 per house in saved copper piping adds up in a large development, but the quality is definitely compromised.

The plumber will be here tomorrow with the new pipe.  It was supposed to be fixed today, but the company decided, without telling me, that they needed to move it to tomorrow.  Since I thought it was being fixed today, I allowed them to turn off the water.  I was assured that the installer would be here with the supplies to fix it between noon and three today.  Before the first plumber left, I asked him to turn back on the water while we waited for the next worker.  He stated that he would on his way out.  I finished up some things I was working on then went to take a shower and – no water!  Damn it!

I called the company, and they scheduled someone to come turn the water on.  I should have water again in the next two hours.  I asked if they’d be doing the install at the same time.  I was told that, no, no one would be at my house today, it’d be tomorrow at the earliest.  What?!?  At the earliest?  Does this mean that it may not be installed tomorrow?  This is not what I was initially told.  When I stated that this was terrible customer service, I was told that they would “note the problem”.  What jerks.

I called back determined to have someone at my house today, or to be given a five percent discount or something to compensate for their poor communication.  Now I’m waiting for a representative to call me back.

I know this seems petty and stupid, but running water in my house is a priority for me.  I’ve been spoiled with the luxury of flushing the toilet.  I’m still pressing them to make me some sort of deal to make this right.  I better have that pipe installed tomorrow!

I’m working to prepare my house and bills for when I’ll be gone in August.  It’s so hard to preplan for a whole month.  I hope that Husband won’t have any trouble getting things sorted.  I have one letter for medications already.  I’m having the others signed over the next two weeks.  If anything changes I’ll have to do it again, so here’s to hoping medications stay the same.

I’m happy to report that my flare seems to have subsided.  I’m able to move more comfortably and am sleeping better at night.  Now I just need to stay static with this goodness for as long as I dealt with the badness.


~ by blanketgirl on June 15, 2009.

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