Pump the Water

Last night Husband smelled something odd in the garage.  A burning electronics sort of smell.  He couldn’t locate the source.  It dissipated quickly, so we just assumed it must have been one of the old electronic toys that we have stored there and nothing that would start a fire, so we let it go.

This morning Husband was taking his morning shower, and there was no hot water.  That’s when we figured out what the smell was; the water heater had shorted.

I went and purchased a new one, and Husband and his friends just finished the installation tonight.  This unit has a sixteen year replacement warranty that I’m really liking.  No more worries for the water heater.  If anything happens we just go get a new one.  Whoo hoo!  We should have hot fabulous water by tomorrow morning.  The last time I showered was the night before last, so I can’t wait to get clean tomorrow!

The girls started piano lessons today.  I set them up just like I would if they were paying students that weren’t my children.  I went over the lesson and gave them their assignments for next Thursday along with their practice books (little books that hold the assignments and the minutes they’ve practiced each day).  They were upset at the thirty minutes of practice time – in kid world that’s a freakin’ eternity.  Since they have their piano book, technic book, performance book and theory that thirty minutes will fly by.  I’m trying to show them that this is real, and requires their true participation just like they were taking the lessons from someone else other than their Mom.  That’s why they’re calling me Mrs. A during lesson time.  Something so simple as changing the way they address me adjusts the respect and concentration level.  To help keep them motivated, I’ve attached the lessons to their weekly responsibilities.  If they miss a day of practice they risk losing a portion of their allowance.  I may end up recanting if I find that they look at the lessons as a punishment.  I’d like them to enjoy it!  They’ve been begging me for this for years.  I also am using it as a stepping stone to other instruments.  I’d like to see that they have the drive and dedication to stick with an instrument that requires me to pay someone else to teach them.

Youngest is doing well in summer school.  She didn’t think she’d like it, but has completely changed her mind.  She likes going, and said she’s sad that it’s ending in two weeks.  I told her not to worry, if it’s the learning she likes, that will continue.  We’ll begin home school summer school after the public school session ends.  I think they’ll call me Mrs. A for those lessons too.

I’ve been playing my Sims 2 again.  I had taken a break for awhile, and now I’m back into my same two hour or more sessions.  I’ve always loved playing, I get really engrossed in the story lines I create.  I’m five generations in.  The history behind each family and the way they intertwine with others in each neighborhood adds to the joy.  Lately when I go to the department store for one thing or the other, I pass the electronics section and see the Sims 3.  I’ve read the reviews and it seems interesting with some great game play improvements, but I’m not ready to abandon my current game that I worked so long at establishing.  Maybe in a few years I’ll buy it.  The temptation is crazy strong!

I just had Husband notify me that the water heater is working now.  I didn’t think that the unit would be ready that quickly.  Hazzah!  To the shower I go!


~ by blanketgirl on June 11, 2009.

One Response to “Pump the Water”

  1. I’m so pleased that you’re in a place that when the water heater goes it is an annoyance but it doesn’t devastate the finances.

    Well done getting it sorted so swiftly and 16-year warranty is awesome!

    Very good idea teaching the kids with a different name. Tori does the same thing. 😀

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