Still In Bed

In an effort to feel better, I’ve been sleeping as much as I can.  The side effect of this is that my sleep patterns are all askew.  The upside?  If I can maintain my weird sleeping schedule, I’ll be in Ezekiel’s time zone before I arrive.  It should help with the jet lag.

This weekend has been a bit mad.  My emotions are going nuts, so I keep crying and moping.  I can’t wait for it to pass. I’ve decided it must be PMS, since I have a zit too (I never have acne unless it’s that time).  Ever since the hysterectomy, of course I don’t know when I’m cycling.  When I would have my period, it would always happen that I would get a little wacko and emotional, and break out in zits.  Then I’d have that ah-hah moment once I realized it was my stupid period.  Not anymore!

My flare symptoms have not subsided.  I spoke to my doctor and she said that that’s just the nature of IC and Fibromyalgia.  When I asked about the duration, she stated that it’s normal, unfortunately, and I should rest.  Sleeping helps reset my brain and helps with the auto immune side of things.

My Dad sent me a vitamin supplement that’s supposed to help fix immune systems that have broken.  I’m up to four capsules a day.  At first I thought my flare was from the new capsules, but there’s nothing in them that has triggered me in the past.  I’m wondering if I need to do a new elimination diet.  Maybe something has shifted since last summer.

I’m still trudging along.  The kids have been better the last couple days.  The girls have made a pact with me that they won’t fight where I can hear it.  I also boosted up their resolve to get along by offering a new reward system.  The new system works like this:  The kids earn five dollars a week for doing their basic chores.  If they do something that needs to be done without me asking them, they earn a tally mark.  If they earn five tally marks, they get to choose from the treasure box in addition to the allowance.  the treasure box is filled with goodness.  It has cash, coupons for movies or activities, toys, and projects.  I had the children choose everything that we put in so they would know exactly what they are working towards.  So far it’s working.  Youngest unloaded and loaded the dishwasher.  Oldest cleaned the bathroom.  At this rate we’ll all be happy, plus my house will be clean.

Husband and I are happy too, well aside from our health problems.  Husband has back troubles that have been bothering him again.  I feel so bad for him, I also feel guilty that I rely on him to do so much around the house.  Between the two of us, we’re quite a broken pair of bodies.  We decided that by the time we’re sixty, nothing will have changed aside from both of us being in wheel chairs or walkers.  It’s a good thing our house is single story. Hah!

I’m trying to write down one good thing that happens each day.  Today I was able to fit into my wedding ring again.  I haven’t been able to wear it for a month because I’ve been so swollen, so this is a very good thing.


~ by blanketgirl on June 7, 2009.

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