Is Gonna Take It

Youngest began summer school today.  She had fun and was able to meet several new friends.  I’m so happy she has this opportunity.  She was initially bummed about the month she’d be losing, but now she’s finding that summer is long, hot and boring as hell; summer school is not that bad after all.

Oldest wore herself out and has been a dismal mess.  She spent the night at Superfriend’s two nights in a row, and is now too tired to be nice.  It’s pathetic really, she’s whiny and irritable.  I almost feel sorry for her because she looks as tired as she is behaving.

Tonight will be a night of glorious sleep for every one in the house.  Youngest will be sharp and ready for school, and Oldest will have healed her sleepy and therefore angry soul.

I have a pain doctor appointment next week.  I just need a refill on my medications, but I’m nervous.  I haven’t had a urine test in a while and I’m scared that this is the month he’ll decide to check in and I’ll be guilty and bad having used a bit of pot.  Oh man, I’m going nuts!  Everything I’ve found that’s written on the subject of how long it stays in the body is very general and states what I already know, that it’ll be there for seven to ninety days depending on the amount used and the duration of use.  Plus you have to factor in weight and height and metabolism.  Shit, shit double shit!

I’m currently drinking a lot of water and walking.  Maybe I’ll get the little amount out of me, but I’m frightened by the idea of being caught breaking the rules.  I really don’t like to lie or draw outside the lines.  I’m a rule follower.  Except the one that you shouldn’t smoke marijuana.  That’s the only one.  Gah.

Wish me luck.  If any of my close and personal peeps read this and have suggestions, let me hear ’em.  I’ll take any advice offered.


~ by blanketgirl on June 1, 2009.

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