Big City Radio

Today Husband was on the radio.  It was very exciting to hear him.  He played well and the exchange with the host was pleasant.  I was impressed with the way he handled himself.  He was well spoken and the songs he selected were ideal.  He played two songs that are his acoustic originals.  We hope the attention will help him book more shows and boost his internet following.  Just in case I haven’t mentioned it before, my Hubby is a guitarist, bassist, drummer and vocalist.  He’s been in several bands, right now he’s gone solo.  He creates, plays records and masters all the music himself.

It’s somewhat strange to hear someone known personally on the radio or TV.  Husband said something along the lines of not being impressed since almost everyone has been in some sort of media at least once in their lives.  I find it odd that in a month our family is in a magazine and on the radio.  We’re freakin’ super stars.  Just kidding.

I was directed by my lovely sister to a web group that exchanges Tori Amos piano music that they have transcribed themselves.  Nothing that is in print may be posted on the site.  In other words, everything in this group is one hundred percent legal.  I’ve been playing Concertina and Horses this afternoon.  Very fun!  These are not the over simplified weird sounding arrangements that I find commercially, these actually are the songs.  I’ve always been let down when I buy the songbooks for the musicians I follow.  Some of the publications are lovely, but others have butchered the pieces in an effort to make them easier to play.  I love this site for not doing that.  It’s necessary to have a particular music software to read and print each piece, so I’m using a read only version.  I would like to someday buy the software as it lets one create sheet music for most everything.  I could transcribe on my own.  Husband and I will try to buy it after I get home from my vacation in August.

Oldest just got home from a two night sleepover at Superfriends house.  It was reported that the closet was defiled for a second time.  Good thing the mommy there is so easy going.  It would gross me out to open a closet and get hit by a wall of stink.


~ by blanketgirl on May 31, 2009.

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