I wrote yesterday that I would tell all about my fun in today’s post, so here it is.

ChrispyGirl is going on vacation for almost a month in a few days, so our little group is trying to squeeze in as much fun as we can before she goes.  It began with the girls and I meeting my friends for lunch.  They are Chrispygirl, her son Smartypants, and daughter, Curlytop.  Then we have BritishBubbly, and her son Charmer.  BritishBubbly has another son as well, but he’s going through teenage horror so he stays back most of the time.  Lastly, our group also included BB’s Mom (who is visiting from another country).  We ate and talked and laughed.

Lunch was a funny experience.  ChripyGirl BritishBubbly and I are very good together.  We just crack each other up with practically every sentence.  This is the reason I love being with them.  I get distracted for a bit and almost forget my miserable illness.  While we were eating, we let the kiddos have their own table and the mommy’s sat at the table next to them.  It was great to watch them interact and behave so maturely.  They even ordered their own food.  Everything was smooth, aside from Youngest spilling Oldest’s drink all over the place, including the plate her onion rings were on.  The waitress was a gem and brought a new drink and new onion rings and didn’t charge extra.  It was quite nice so I left her a lovely tip that was equivalent to the money she saved me.  The kids did great too, no one shed a tear over the mess.

After lunch we decided to go shopping.  We went to a big outlet type store that sells everything from clothes to electronics to toys and shoes.  While we were there I bought a great Father’s Day present for Husband (which I won’t mention here because I don’t want him to know what we’re giving him).  I also found a super score for myself – a speaker system for my MP4 player.  It’s a portable stand alone set up that sounds great.  The price was a steal and now I can listen to music while I clean and cook again.  I had had several CD players, but each one has systematically broke over the last few years, leaving me with only my computer to listen to.  I hate cleaning without music, and with the kids home I can’t just turn up my songs, or it turns into a volume war between my music and their TV programs.  Now I hope this great little gadget will help me to feel more motivated to clean.  Music always helps me along.

Our last stop was at the little cafe in Target for coffee and juice.  Oldest sat at the table with the mommy’s.  She said, “I’m a preteen now, I don’t want to sit with the babies.  Can I sit here, pleeeeease?”  I told her she could, and then whispered in her ear that she’d be wise to think about what she’s saying before she shares it.  Note:  Oldest has a language and information filtering problems and doesn’t know what to say to adults vs. what to say to kids.  It’s never anything too bad, just a bit silly and sometimes embarrassing for her.

We found a nice corner of the cafe and sat on our spinning stools drinking our drinks.  Everyone’s talking about what they want to buy and what section of the store we’ll hit first.  Suddenly Oldest starts giggling.  I asked her what was so funny.  She whispered, “Did you just hear my fart?”  I answered, “No.  Let’s hope it doesn’t smell.”  She just laughed a violent silent laugh until I was afraid she’d choke to death on her Icee.  “Swallow!  Breath!” I commanded.   “I can’t!  It’s just that since I started thinking about farts I started to think about what me and SuperFriend did at our last sleep over.”  More insane giggling, her eyes watering and everything. “What did you guys do?” I asked.  “Well, we both had to fart and didn’t want to leave the room, so we just opened the closet door and farted in there, shutting the door super fast after we were done.”  I laughed too.  “Oh yeah!”  I replied.  “I remember hearing about that.  Her mom’s eyebrows were dissolved by the scent.  It was a dutch oven closet.”  My description renewed our laughter.  Oldest looked like she was going to pee herself.  “Mommy it was so funny.  We didn’t think it would smell like that!  All the farts made it so gross!”

By now ChrispyGirl, BritishBubbly and BB’s Mom were all giggling with us.  “So what are we laughing about?”  asked BritishBubbly.  Then a “What’s a dutch oven?” from BB’s foreign mom.  Apparently she’d never heard such a term.  There I am in the cafe describing a “dutch oven”.  In case this information has passed anyone by, I’ll explain.  This occurs when two people are laying in a bed.  One person farts, quickly pulling the bed sheets over their companions head.  This encapsulates them in the stench.  Please enjoy this clip:

I haven’t laughed that hard in quite some time.  Even though I was sore and tired, I had a great time with the girls.  There was a bonus in having my girls come with me.  I love spending time with my kids and getting to know them even better than I already do.  Their personalities are precious.  What unique kiddos!

Of course now we’re trying to set up another outing.  I adore having a fun group of friends that are hilarious and supportive.  Everyone understands that once I’m done, I’m done.  I never feel pushed.  They’re very kind about my limitations and never leave me feeling guilty.

I spent the entire day resting today.  Maybe tomorrow or Monday I’ll feel better so we can have that outing.

Oh!  My sister got us the tickets for Tori’s concert.  I’m so thrilled!  This vacation will be awesome.


~ by blanketgirl on May 30, 2009.

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