They Harvest Them

I’m officially addicted to a game application within one of the social networking sites.  It’s a mundane farming game that requires the plowing of fields, planting of seeds, and finally harvesting and selling the crops.

Each time a plot is plowed and a seed planted, experience points are rewarded.  As the experience rises so do the seed, scenery, and building options.

I love it.  It seems quite stupid to someone who were to look over my shoulder and ask what I was doing, but once they try it, they’re just as hooked as I am.  This game is farming crack.

I’m off to play again.  I have pumpkins to plant!

I had a busy day today that I’ll write more about tomorrow.  It’s late and I feel like shit.  I definitely want to make sure I have a post for today.  I have to get back in the habit of writing every day again!


~ by blanketgirl on May 29, 2009.

One Response to “They Harvest Them”

  1. Farmtown or something similar, yes?

    I met an old friend unexpectedly in the supermarket today and she’s hooked on it too. Tell me, have you ever played any of the Harvest Moon games?

    It’s just, if you’re digging on this, I wonder if those would do it for you too.

    sorry to hear you’re feeling flattened, look forward to speaking to you next week :).

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