Flame Yeah

I haven’t posted in several days.  Which feels very odd.  After consistently posting everyday, the lull has seemed strange.  My excuse for absence is being busy nursing my unbearable pain.  My kids just began summer break, and I think the stress from the change in routine triggered my fibromyalgia.  The Interstitial Cystitis was already on fire.  I’d been coping with the IC flame, but once the fibromyalgia joined the mix, I was burnt.

I’ve been laying on the couch, sleeping off and on.  I try to use the computer, but I fall asleep.  I try to knit, but drop it when I start to nap.  I’m not driving anywhere because the lull of the car in combination with the warm weather makes me super drowsy.

I’m sleeping okay at night.  Only my usual interruptions.  I can’t find any explanation for the extreme tiredness except the flare of both conditions.  The double header always kicks my ass.  My energy goes out the window.  I get winded doing simple tasks, like emptying the dishwasher.  I have to sit and consciously make my breathing become less labored.

I spoke to Ezekiel on the phone this morning.  She’s doing fairly well.  She has ear infections, which always make me nervous for her, but she assures me that she’s fine.  We made more plans for my upcoming visit like who we would go to see, what we’d cook, what I should bring with me.  I added more items to my list of things to do and pack.  By the time this trip actually hits, I’ll have thought of everything a couple times over.  Thank goodness for lists.  Sadly  I didn’t speak to Weasel.  The kids were needing to eat lunch so the phone call was cut short.  Next week I’ll watch the time more closely so I don’t miss talking with her again.

My girls are bored out of their minds without school.  They are really active and hate it when I’m too sick to do anything fun.  Tomorrow is the first of a series of morning movies that the girls and I will attend throughout the summer.  I’m hoping the movie will help break up the monotony of the day. Summer school for Youngest starts next week, and my home school summer school will start for Oldest at the same time.  That should help keep them busy.

I’m off to bed early so I don’t disappoint them by being too tired to watch the movie.  Actually, maybe that’s a pretty good place to sleep…I’ll have to take my blow up neck pillow.


~ by blanketgirl on May 26, 2009.

One Response to “Flame Yeah”

  1. The phone call wasn’t cut short – we talked for three hours! I just need to stop talking and hand the phone over to her. 😀

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