Music, Good Friends

Today I went to the mail and discovered my “Abnormally Attracted to Sin” deluxe edition CD with autographed booklet.  Hooray!  The wait is over!  I sat down immediately and started looking through every detail as the CD played in the background.  I always insist on buying the actual CD rather than downloading.  I love the art and the artists concepts that are expressed in the booklet.  The autographed one I received is the first item I’ve ever had that Tori has signed.  It will be framed tomorrow.  I have tried to meet her before or after her concerts, but haven’t had any luck.  Wish for me that I’ll meet her in September!

Once I opened the tri-fold CD, I instantly fell in love with the center photo.  Tori is looking lovely and holding a large iguana in her right hand. The fourth page of the booklet has a wonderful quote, “Whose God then is God?  They all want jurisdiction.”  I suppose godly things have been on her mind as well.  (Generally speaking I suppose that everyone must make some religious considerations from time to time, but I love coincidences that help me find a tiny mental link to Tori.  Silly, right?)  One of my favorite Depeche Mode songs is “John the Revelator” which has a similar sentiment.

Another feature of Tori’s booklets (that I adore) is the full printing of the lyrics.  I read each song as I listen to it.  I now have a huge new base of lyrics and titles for my entries here.  Each song is quickly becoming  a favorite, however the first one to strike and resonate is “That Guy”.  Following quickly behind are “Abnormally Attracted to Sin”, “Curtain Call”, “Fire to Your Plain”, “Maybe California”, “Flavor”, “Starling”,  “Ophelia” and “Fast Horse”.  Of course all the tracks are stunning.  I’ll love each of them like individuals within a few weeks.  I always become  hyper focused on her new releases until I know every word.

The final fun is a poster of the album cover and a secret website the CD allows access to.  The hush-hush site offers free ringtones, videos and songs.  An announcement stated that other tracks will be released exclusively through the site.  My question is whether the releases will be from “Abnormally…” or new songs altogether.  The downside is that the site is only available in the US (I’ll make sure you hear anything new, Ezekiel and Weasel).

I’ve been accumulating the art I want to hang in my bedroom.  I’ve had the same things up for several years, and suddenly realized last week that I don’t really care for a bulk of the things up on my walls.  I just kept them there because they belonged to my deceased mother and father in law.  Time to let them go; time to change the style.  I framed a fantastic poster of every guitar Gibson makes.  Along with that I have framed the concert books from the Tori tour of ’96/’97 and Choir Girl Hotel.  I’ve also framed six issues of the Depeche Mode fan mag BONG.  I’m eager to see how it will all look on the walls.  Of course I’ll also have the framed poster I received today and the signed booklet.  Finally my room will express me and the things I love.  No more cross stitches!  I’ll always love my mother-in-law, but I don’t have to love her decorative art.

The CD has just finished transferring to my MP4 player.  Tomorrow I can begin the musical fixation.  Hah!  I also have to watch the visualettes.  I have reserved my Thursday morning to accomplish this task.

All this goodness is wonderful.  For so long I spent my days crying and moping and wishing for something, anything good or happy to occur.  It’s always feast or famine with me.  Maybe someday I’ll be able to strike up some sort of cosmic balance.  Or, this just occurred to me, maybe I have.  I live in constant pain that never relents, only grows more extreme.  Maybe the good things that have been happening, like my trip to see Ezekiel and Weasel, refinancing the house, being in the magazine, having happy and dutiful kiddos, and enjoying a newly healed marriage are the cosmos way of evening the score.  Something to consider.

Just for me – tonights flare is brutal.  No more Sara Lee blueberry bagels.


~ by blanketgirl on May 20, 2009.

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