Mary Jane Who?

This weekend has been spent with friends.  The girls invited their two favorite friends (who happen to be sisters) for a sleepover Friday night, then Saturday night they spent the night at the home of the friends.  Husband and I spent a pleasant time together.  We counted it up and in the thirteen years we’ve been married, we’ve only had about sixteen nights together without the children.

To celebrate we stayed up late watching movies.  Then we got up early and went to the theater and watched “Star Trek”.  We had a ton of fun.  The movie was really good.  Husband and I are geeks for Star Trek.  Not off the wall trekkies, but we like a little original, Next Generation and Voyager.

In celebration of being alone Husband suggested we spend some time with Mary Jane.  It’s been years so I was able to justify the visit.  The best part?  She was an excellent pain manager.  She understands how hard it is to sleep and feel comfortable.  I slept all night.  Really.  A full seven hours.  I’ve not slept through the night in two years.

Initially I felt guilty, then I realized how much she helped.  My pain was temporarily controlled and I could sleep.  Now why isn’t Mary allowed to hang out with everyone?

She’s coming up on the ballot for admittance to our homes in this next upcoming election.  I would really like her to be approved for medicinal use.   Anyone who is in chronic pain should know what her friendship can mean.

Now I’m back to taking the medications.  Until she is allowed to hang around, I feel too guilty to be her friend.  My damn obsession with following the rules always gets in the way, so, it was good while it lasted Mary.  See you later.


~ by blanketgirl on May 17, 2009.

One Response to “Mary Jane Who?”

  1. ‘last dance with Mary Jane, one more time to kill the pain’

    Ah Tom Petty, where would we be without you?

    I agree with you, Mary should be allowed for chronic pain people.

    I’m pleased you managed to sleep.

    I have heard nothing but good things re: latest Star Trek. I only know pop culture quotes, I haven’t watched any really. BUT! I am a big fan of JJ Abrams and I love Simon Pegg. Weasel and I hope to see it soon.

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