Me and My…

…wonderful, fabulous, concert tuned, mechanically delightful piano!

After nine grueling hours of work, the RPT completed the repairs on my piano.  I’m so happy with the results; worth every penny.  I’ve been playing ever since he left about an hour ago.

I pulled out the sheet music for all my favorite pieces and went to town.  When everything sounds right and the piano is operating the way it should, I can fly through each song.  I can play staccato notes!  I can trill!  My pedals all function properly!  It’s so much fun.

My hope is that this will strengthen the muscles in my hands and wrists and I’ll be able to play as strong as I have in the past.

I can now start teaching the girls how to play.  I hesitated before because the piano was so out of tune that I couldn’t stand to listen to them practice.  That’s no longer an issue.

Playing has always been something that helps me disconnect from the world for awhile.  I hyperfocus on what I’m doing and lose track of time and space.

Another joy; Tori has let us all hear her new album streaming in MySpace.

Listen to it here: Abnormally Attracted to Sin

My delux edition CD’s should be arriving here in just four more days.  Hooray!

Just for my own reference, the flare is still going strong.  Back onto the rice only diet.  Yummy.


~ by blanketgirl on May 15, 2009.

One Response to “Me and My…”

  1. Yay for perfectly functioning pianos! You have inspired me somewhat too. I’ve been toying with playing myself now that my loop is up. I haven’t done it yet, but just having the seed planted is a big step forward for me.

    I wish I lived closer, I’d totally let you my Tori books, Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd… *sigh*

    I wish I could take some of you pain. I have access to enough meds and I don’t have so many responsibilities. I often think the same about Weasel. I feel our relationship already has one sick person in it, let’s just put it all on me for convenience and efficiency.

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