Like A Good Book

Every year around this time the schools ship all the unsold books from book fairs and book orders to the warehouse distribution center.  Once at the warehouse, a giant sale is held with everything priced at eighty percent off the original price.  Several items are marked down to only a dollar.  I am a huge book addict, so I look forward to this even with intense anticipation.  Almost better than sex it is.  Rows and rows of books.

I usually visit the warehouse on my own and buy the girls the books they have wanted throughout the year (I have them make a list every book fair and book order, then I take it with and buy everything at once…within reason).  Today I decided it would be more fun to take the girls with me.

We wandered the aisles for almost three hours.  Fantastic things were being offered.  We bought books upon books plus stickers books and activity books.  There are also greeting cards and gift items, so I ended up purchasing a watch for Youngest that was originally $120.00, but was now $10.00.  This watch is special because it has ten different faces and bands to interchange.  So cool.

I bought computer software too.  Pet games and strategy games.  Brain games and seek and find games.  I also managed to find gifts for the girls and all their friends for the next year.  I love this sale.  When I paid for everything I was pleased to find that I had spent roughly $2.00 on each item.  My savings equalled over $300.00.  Wow, right?

I’m exhausted from the walking and sitting and looking.  It’s surprising how tired I get looking through books.  It happens to me at the library too.

I had a pleasant, relaxed day with my daughters.  Having the pressure off me for the house payment helped me to sleep last night.  I crashed for a solid four hours.  No dreams, no anxiety.  It helps my attitude to sleep decent.

Tori released her US tour dates today.  I can’t wait!  Her concert in my city is happening in July.  I’m watching eagerly for the sale of tickets to begin.  The album will be here in just another week.  I’m peeing my pants with glee.

I had my appointment with my pain doctor.  I requested three extra morphine a month to help during the flares.  He stated that was impossible.  I can’t change any of my medications for a few months.  The reason?  The directors don’t like to see it.  It’s too fast of an incline for a nonmalignant pain.  They want stability before additional medications can be adjusted.  Weird.  I just don’t understand the decision making process behind these things.  I’m sure there’s all sorts of protocols in place, but it’s frustrating.  Gah.


~ by blanketgirl on May 13, 2009.

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