Maybe on a Tuesday

Today I spent a large portion of the morning chatting with Ezekiel and Weasel.  It was wonderful.  We talked about everything from broken refrigerators to anticipated travel sites.  I always like Tuesdays because the first thing I wake to is Ezekiel’s voice.  Lovely.

One thing discussed was my current financial state.  I’ve never lived beyond my means, and have been smart in money matters, yet my home has been more than we could afford since Husband’s job went to Singapore without him.  I talked with Ezekiel about plans for changes.  As soon as we finished our call, I organized my plan of attack.

This is the situation: Husband and I had no problems paying our mortgage until he was laid off.  We needed to find some other solution, so in March I filed, and the company received, paperwork to try and strike up a refinance without going into default first.  I was told I would have to wait thirty to forty five days before they would be finished reviewing my case.  Well, forty five days came and went last Friday.  So finally after three hours of being placed on hold and several “accidental” disconnects (asshats), I was finally routed to the proper customer service person.  Seriously, by the time I was where I needed to be I’d spoken to at least fourteen representatives.  Horrid customer service.

I persevered and in the end I was able to refinance at a six percent lesser interest rate than the one I’ve been paying for four years.  I also was able to reduce my monthly payment significantly.  I’m so releived!  Keeping my home has been my main priority and now that I know it’s secure I’m happier.  Maybe tonight I’ll sleep.

I have an appointment with my pain doctor tomorrow.  I’m eager to adjust the medications just a bit more and then I think all that will be sorted as well.  I love things being complete with no loose ends.

Maybe on a Tuesday, I got a bit of my happiness back.


~ by blanketgirl on May 12, 2009.

One Response to “Maybe on a Tuesday”

  1. Fuck me that is the best news I have heard all day!!!

    Well done for pressing them and getting your needs met!

    I’m so proud of you. You hang in there. Like I need to tell you that, you are the most optimistic person I know.

    Well done dear sister o’ mine. xoxo

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