You Get Closer

Today I watched my piano be disassembled.  It was incredibly interesting.  First the RPT cleaned the inside and outside.  Then he removed the action, then the keys.  We cleaned each key with vinegar and water, then he adjusted all the bushings and returned them to their original position.  I’m going to have a better than brand new piano after this.  Several mistakes were made in the factory that have now been corrected.  My piano will fly with me now!

I’ve never seen a piano completely pulled apart like this before (unless it was a show on how a piano is made).  I’m going to touch up the dings and polish the entire piano tomorrow.  I’m so excited for this process to be complete!

Mr. RPT is going to work on the action, adjusting and fixing anything that needs attention as well as applying the chemical protectant, this week.  He has a full work load in his shop, so he’ll bring the action back to me on Friday at 8:30 am.  Maybe Thursday.  He stated it should take about six hours on Friday to get everything put back together and perform the final tuning.  After that it will be ready to play.

He worked for six hours today.  I love my piano.  After he had left with the action, I stood admiring its strings.  It’s so clean and fresh!  The inside is gorgeous.  Each string is in excellent condition and the wood is pristine.  I’m imagining what I’ll play Friday.I’ve already pulled out my books and made a mental list.

piano 2009

I had thought that my skills had faltered over the years.  Mr. RPT asked me when I’d played any other piano than this one.  Well it has been several years.  He told me that the way my piano was behaving it would actually make it seem as though I’d lost skill because of the poor key function.  I’m optimistic that my sonatinas will really flow after this.  I’ll even get to trill!

Everyday is a day closer to Friday.

Oh…I’m still flaring balls.  Last night I slept for about three hours.  This is an extended stay in hell.


~ by blanketgirl on May 11, 2009.

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