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Today is Mother’s Day in the US.  For years I thought it was a made up holiday concocted by greeting card companies.  I was wrong.

Mother’s Day was established in the time of the US Civil War.  Women’s peace groups organized the day for the mothers of soldiers to gather together and remember their sons who had died.  Later a woman named Anna Marie Jarvis held a memorial service for her mother.  She thought a day of remembrance would be a good thing for everyone to do, whether their mothers were alive or dead.  She had the holiday federally recognized in 1914 and claimed copyright on the second Sunday of May.  My ideas of it being a money making holiday weren’t totally wrong as Anna Marie and her sister Ellsinore spent all their family inheritance fighting the way folks celebrated the day with preprinted cards and boxes of candy.  Anna was actually arrested for disturbing the peace while protesting the card purchasing.  She is quoted as saying, “A printed card means nothing except that you are too lazy to write to the woman who has done more for you than anyone in the world. And candy! You take a box to Mother—and then eat most of it yourself. A pretty sentiment!”

I’m completely guilty of falling into the group who buys things.  I sent my mother a dozen blue iris.

It’s so strange to be the Mommy of two girls, ages twelve and eight.  I used to imagine having a family when I was a little girl.  I always wanted daughters.  I feel really lucky to have gotten my wish.  Being a Mommy has been a strange and wonderful gift.  So challenging, yet satisfying.  The older they grow, becoming more intelligent and developing their personalities, the more I adore them.

They have been planning for Mother’s Day for quite some time.  There’s been a lot of giggling, whispering and hiding.  I couldn’t wait to see what they had planned.

The first thing to greet me this morning was a large banner wishing me a happy Mother’s Day.  Then they gave me cards.  They each made two.  They smiled eagerly while I read them.  After that I was gifted two coupons books that would trade services for hugs and kisses.  I was also surprised with two pet rocks.

I’ve always fostered the creative side of my children.  I love creating things myself and wanted that to be a large part of them as well. It’s a gratifying outlet with fun results.  As I look through the things they made I’m so proud of them.  Their personalities are so fantastic.

Now a taste of what they made.

From Oldest:

Pet Rock Info Coupon Book

Oldest gave a fact sheet for “Joe” the pet rock.  I especially love that his obsession is turkeys and his favorite music is jazz.  The coupon book is sweet.  Note that the front cover states that Tori Amos wants to be my friend.  How awesome is that?  The inside is just as charming.  The dedication reads, “Thank you for giving birth to me, you felt the pain in full solitude.”  Hah!

From Youngest:

doggy purse

This is the purse she made me.  It has a pink miniature doberman pincher on the front.  My pet rock from her came with a house and doll instead of a fact sheet.  She also set up a domino display on the kitchen floor for me.  It was a swirly twisty design that had to be reset several times before I woke up due to the dogs knocking it over.  Really thoughtful of her.  Not to mention how impressed I am at her unbelievable patience to keep setting it up!  Along with those things she gave me a booklet that lists the things she loves about me.  I would have posted a photo except that it’s chock full of her true name and mine, so I’ll just describe it instead.  Anyhow, the first letter said, “I love you so much,  You are so nice to me.  Love, Your Baby”.  Awww!  It goes on to say, “My Mom is special because she is nice.  I like it when my Mom feeds me.  My Mom can do many things!  I think she’s best at art.  My Mom has a pretty smile!  I like to make her smile by laughing.  My Mom is as pretty as a flower.  My Mom is smart!  She even knows more than me.  I’d like to tell my Mom I love her.”  She’s the cutest little kid ever.

I rested most of the day.  I redeemed one of my coupons to watch a boring grown up show uninterrupted for the cost of one kiss.  I watched Stella Maris, a silent film with Mary Pickford.  It was so nice to see it without all the complaining about it being in black and white and without sound.  Totally worth the kiss.

My flare is still kicking my ass.  Husband handled all the meals and finished the laundry.  The flare has drained my energy so just the general things being done for me were a fantastic gift.  I sort of wish every day were Mother’s Day.  I could get used to this.


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  1. You’re a top Mom!

    Your kids are fantastic.

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