For the Redhead

This morning a piano expert came to look at my spinet.  I wanted an estimate for tuning and maintenance repairs.  The tuning is severely out of whack, and some of the keys have begun to stick and/or not produce sound.  The result of this is that I don’t play as often as I would because the flow is disrupted.

Husband and I talked about it and decided to do whatever was necessary to bring the piano into excellent working order again, so I did my research and found a licensed RPT (registered piano technician) which is the equivalent of a PhD in piano repair.  This gentleman has excellent customer relations and reviews as well as absolutely stunning credentials.  Due to his amazing breadth of experience, I knew he would be perfect.  He looked at my piano and found out a couple good things.  The first being that the piano has excellent integrity and has been well cared for (thank you).  The second is that it is not overly dried out from the desert living.

He explained that there are several things needed to get the piano playing well again.  He’ll begin with a full cleaning which will include a chemical treatment for the pinblock.  He’ll then remove all the action and take it to his shop where he will clean and tune everything.  After that he will put everything back together and help me touch up the finish.  He is going to have my instrument in top shape by next week.  This is something I’ve wanted to do for six years.  I’m eager to play the results!

I dyed my hair red again today.  It’s always fun to look at the results.  I feel so pretty.  I have a hair cut scheduled next week that will make me feel better too.

My flare is still ongoing.  I’m not sleeping well, however I did nap for a couple hours today.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.  My family has promised a day of special gifts and relaxation.  My kids are so cute.  They’ve been working on the surprises and menus all day.

They love me, they really, really love me!


~ by blanketgirl on May 10, 2009.

One Response to “For the Redhead”

  1. I love looking at the inside of my piano. It is endlessly fascinating. How cool that you have a piano expert to fit up your beast.

    Now that my hearing look is up and working, I decided to have a go on my piano too. So we’ll totally be practising together.

    I must see your hair cut when it is done!

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