This Little Pill

I’ll apologize in advance for this post being a bit shit.  I’m distracted.

I was right.  Today is the beginning of the flare.  I spoke to Ezekiel this morning and she stated that I sounded in unusually good spirits and asked if there was a reason why.  I felt silly admitting that it was because I’d accurately predicted my flare.  It’s such a feeling of empowerment to know when it’s going to hit.  A planned tsunami.  The pain sucks, but that’s what the little blue pills are for.  I have another appointment with the pain doctor in a week and a half.  I hope to have another medication increase to help control during the flares.  The little pills I take now work for the daily pain but still don’t quite control the flares, especially now that I can’t do installations more than six times a day.  More little pills please.

Ezekiel is having a flare too.  I feel so bad for her.  My junk is painful but doesn’t have a mortality rate, unless you count suicides.  Ezekiel said that it didn’t matter if mine killed me or not, we both felt like we wanted to die.  I really desperately hope she doesn’t get any worse.  If she does I’m at her house the day after I get the news.

I’ve been preparing a sewing kit for her.  I’m so excited to send it!  I described the blouse pattern I found and she was very eager to see it.  I also predicted which type of fabric she would like.  I’m very pleased that I get to do something nice for her.  I love that I can be half way around the world from her but be so attached.  Lines secure, right?  (Nudge-Nudge-Wink-Wink Ezekiel)

I feel a little disjointed tonight.  The pain is prodding me in the goodie box distracting me.  It’s like having an angry weasel attack your lady bits all day.  Yuck.

I fixed the leaks in the water bed.  They’ll be dry and ready to lay on tonight when I go to sleep.  Yay for non-soggy sheets!

The only other thing I did was finally find a reputable piano tuner.  He will be stopping by the house on Friday or Saturday.  I’m pleased to find him.  He comes with wonderful customer reviews.  I’m looking forward to him tuning my Spinet and fixing a few stuck keys.  I’m teaching the girls to play this summer.

I’m going to go knit now.  I won’t hold any hope for feeling better tomorrow.  I’ll just hope to feel better by Monday.


~ by blanketgirl on May 5, 2009.

One Response to “This Little Pill”

  1. Lines secure!

    Doctor called w/ blood results – CRP is only 10 [<=6 is normal – my highest was 148]. So we think I can stay on 5mg steroids for the moment.

    I love watching my piano get tuned. If I could drive, I think it’d be good fun to do it. One of my favourite Tori pictures is her working on a piano, the caption is ‘under the hood of a Bosy’. Love.

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