Your Plain

I woke up around ten and had to sort out emails.  It seems like whenever I have a ton to accomplish, that will be the day I feel like shit, over sleep, and have one hundred important emails to read and respond to.  I diligently went through each email.  I was about a quarter of the way in, when my back up battery/surge protector for my computer starting squealing.  A high pitched insistent whine.  It was so yucky!  I turned everything off and called the place I bought the unit from.  Apparently it was the internal battery gone bad.  The cost to replace the battery was comparable to that of a replacement unit, so I went and bought a new one. In a way I’m glad the old one kicked the bucket so I could have an excuse to buy this kick ass one.  I love the features this one has.  It will automatically create back of files of everything on its own if the power goes out or surges.  Plus the manufacturer will replace my equipment up to $100,000.00 if the unit should fail for whatever reason.  Nice.

I was derailed by the whole battery thing.  After that was resolved I got to the really important thing I was supposed to do today.  Last night when I pulled back the covers to get into bed I discovered a small circle of wet on my sheets.  I thought that a pet had been naughty and piddled in the bed.  After some inspection I realized that it was water coming from a pin sized leak in the mattress.  I was very bummed.  I put a towel on it and went to bed since it wasn’t too serious.

I was surprised at how difficult it was to hunt down a repair kit.  I guess water beds aren’t as popular as they used to be.  I stumbled upon an exclusive water bed furniture dealer and tooled over to the shop.  It was contained in an older small brick building.  The interior was dark with the only light coming from display lamps set up in miniature room models.  It reminded me of the first scene in a Twilight Zone episode.  I half expected to be secretly watched from a knothole in the wall while a psychotic killer plotted my impending doom.

Each little section represented a room of every decor.  They were all set up with the beds and bureaus and mirrors and chairs so it could be ultimately visualized.  The designs were kitschy and unique.  As I meandered I found an entirely Egyptian themed design with a large sarcophagus shaped bureau and dog or cat sarcophagus chest to place at the end of the bed.  There was a chair in the shape of a sitting man.  The bed itself was fabulous.  The headboard and baseboard were made of super shiny black lacquered wood.  The four posts of the bed boasted a set of  gilded gold and black striped canes crossed together, following the design of those on Tutankhamen’s mummy board.  There were even false palm trees.

There was no shopkeeper to be found, so I wondered around looking for the kit.  It was not easy to find.  I found my way to a small office in the back of the shop.  A big man with a thick Russian accent came out.  He actually had to duck to emerge from the doorway.  I was a little intimidated by his appearance.  He had a scruffy beard and leathery skin.  He didn’t smile.  I asked for the kit.  He walked away without a word.  I followed.  He went to a shelf and grabbed a repair kit.  He seemed annoyed that I was making such a small purchase.  He kept trying to push other products on me.  I was nervous around him.  I don’t trust people who don’t talk.

My uncomfortable feelings of distrust and intimidation quickly disappeared when he got behind the counter to ring up my purchase.  First he put on bright green rimmed glasses and turned on a CD player that cranked out “Play That Funky Music”.  While he wrote out my receipt, three two pound Yorkshire Terriers with jiggling bells on their collars joined the the burly fellow and I at the cash register.  They kept attempting to jump in my arms, they were absolutely adorable.  The man never said a word as I complimented him on his puppies.  He just nodded and gave me my receipt and kit.  What an odd shop.

What a long day today!  Another flare is beginning.  I know this feeling now.  Tomorrow will suck.  At least I’m starting to pay attention so I don’t feel so surprised when it hits.

One last thing – Tori released another video.  This one is for the song, “Fire to Your Plain”.  Each song I hear gets me more amped up for the new album.  Hurry up May 19th!

See the video at


~ by blanketgirl on May 4, 2009.

One Response to “Your Plain”

  1. That shop sounds amazing, excellent novel fodder!

    Fire to your Plain is catchy. I’m so ready for new album. And tour dates!

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