Dance the Ring

So today was a bit fun.  I spoke to my good friend, hmmm – let’s name her Bunny.  This is the friend I’ve known for fourteen years.  Love her.  We had a talk about our teenagers, pets and husbands.  It’s delightful to talk to her.  We have so much history that we innately understand each other.  Wonderful communication between us without explanations required.  We also share the same opinion on several key subjects which is what I suspect allows us to continue to be great friends.

After the call I went to a shop with another good friend.  There is a fantastic jewelry sale happening, and I was in need of a substitute wedding ring.  My beautiful ring I’ve had for all this time is squeezing the hell out of my finger while I’m so swollen.  I know I could have it sized but I never have and I’d rather not.  I say ‘was in need’ because I found a dazzling fill in.  It was right in my budget.  Due to the sale it looks a lot more expensive than it was.  I love it!


I also bought several pairs of hoop earrings, a flower shaped diamond ring, and another ring that is terribly hard to describe but I’ll try.  It has one band, but looks like five rings with diamonds interspersed on each one.  I also bought another substitute wedding band to interchange with this one.  It’s a severe elongated diamond shape with four rectangular shaped stones on each side of the band.  I know, I know it’s seems as though I went over board, but my excuse is that I’ve only bought about four pairs of earrings and a necklace in the entire time I’ve been married.  And this sale was seriously incredible.  Everything eighty to ninety percent off.  We’re talking unbelievably good value.  Don’t choke Ezekiel – I’ll divulge the costs to you when we talk on Tuesday.

After I returned home I collected the kiddos from school and we had library night.  I love going there!  I am disappointed though.  The crappy economy has caused the city to downsize all the community services, so they laid off half the staff and changed the hours to eleven in the morning to five at night.  So rude!  I feel rushed because we can’t get there any earlier than four.  Oh well.  I guess I should be happy we have a library.

Tonight Husband and I watched “Ghost Town”.  It was cute and funny with one of those feel good endings.  We both liked it.  There were a few parts that really gave me a good laugh.  If you want to watch a noncommittal funny film, this would be a good choice.


~ by blanketgirl on April 30, 2009.

One Response to “Dance the Ring”

  1. I cannot wait to hear details of jewellery adventure!

    I watched Ghost Town on one of the flights in November, I remember being vaguely annoyed by it, but cannot recall why now.

    You must watch Survive Style 5+ – Horatio had it and we watched it, I fell in love and borrowed it to show Weasel yesterday. It is wonderful.

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