Thought You’d Like To

Today was exhausting.  This flare is brutal!  Oldest returned from the field trip happy and tired.  She didn’t go to school today in an effort to recover from her vacation.  We dropped her film off at the drug store to be developed, then returned home to watch “National Lampoon’s Vacation”.  She loved the part where Aunt Edna ate the pee soaked bologna sandwich.

Oldest and I fetched Youngest from school.  The girls and I went to the store and bought new bed sheets.  Oldest chose a pretty green, Youngest a ocean style turquoise.  To match we selected a striped comforter that is light weight and oh-so-soft!  The kiddos will get to put them on their beds tomorrow.

On the way home, Oldest requested a sleep over.  A good friend of hers is moving cross country in a few weeks, so she wants to fit in as much activity as she can.  I agreed hesitantly, concerned that she would be too tired from the vacation to be a good host, let alone stay up late for a slumber party.  She begged and pleaded and I rescinded.  Shortly after I approved, another friend of mine called requesting that I watch her daughter over night.  Both girls are here now with my girls and they just fell asleep.

Out of the blue another friend called whom I have known for nine years.  I don’t talk to her as often as I should, yet we never get butt hurt about not being in tight contact.  I count her as one of my special friends that I can pick up like we just spoke yesterday, no matter the length of time that goes between conversations.

We talked a month ago about her upcoming nuptials and the things she was doing to plan and prepare.  She had shared with me the idea of what the bridesmaid dresses would look like and color.  She told me who would be in the line.  She expressed disappointment that one of the women in the line was not her first pick.  She felt forced because this woman is the wife of her fiance’s best friend whom they spend most weekends with.  The fiance and the friend were the reason she and this woman were even around each other.  She doesn’t necessarily like the wife.  Tonight she found out that unwanted bridesmaid is pregnant and will be having the baby right around the time of the wedding.  She was happily relieved and asked that I be a brides matron in her place.  I’m very surprised and pleased.  My friend properly stroked my ego, gushing about how close we’ve been and how she wanted to ask me before, but because of the situation she couldn’t.  I even will get to go help her choose her wedding dress.  I’m looking forward to it.  It’s been thirteen years since I got hitched.  The dress I’ll wear is a strapless affair in dark blue.  It sounds beautiful.  This will be my second time at being a  brides matron.

Now I’m just wishing for a non-flare week when the wedding is here!


~ by blanketgirl on April 25, 2009.

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