Right To Sleep


I think my kiddo slipped me a roofie.

I’m dead on my feet.  Today was nothing special.  I dropped DVD’s off at the library then took a nap that husband tried several times unsuccessfully to rouse me from until a moment ago.

I can tell when I’m in the thick of a flare by my behavior, and honey I’m there.  I need to start charting when it happens.  Maybe it has something to do with the womanly cycle of things?  Maybe it’s the cycle of the moon?

Husband is going to collect Oldest in a few hours.  Her field trip will soon be over and it’s back to real life.

I finished the first skein of yarn today on my loom.  I purchased patterns so I can do fancier stitches and make an afghan.

We’re officially dog sitting Miss Ralex.  We’ll have her here until Sunday night.  Youngest is stroking Ralexs’ fur as she lies relaxed in her lap.  I love listening to their conversation.  Quiet, gentle words from Youngest answered by much brow expression from Ralex.

The happy couple:

Youngest and Ralex


~ by blanketgirl on April 23, 2009.

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