Not Sayin’ Not Charmed

Today has been odd.

Oldest left for her field trip this morning.  She called me when she’d arrived safely.  The joy in her voice was almost palpable.  She gushed about the fun she’s having and the laughs she and her friends are sharing.  I’m jealous of her friends.  I’d like to be the one laughing with her on this adventure.  She’ll spend the night there tonight, returning home at 11 p.m. tomorrow.  I miss her.  This is her first trip alone, without the rest of us.

My family and I used to take all sorts of long road trips all over the state and beyond.  It was one of my most enjoyable hobbies.  Hours and days to talk and laugh.  Memories to make and share.  Don’t forget all the special junk food we’d eat.  There would be a distinct smell of gummy bears and salted chips emanating from the car for a couple days after we’d arrived at our destination.

As I was reminiscing, I realized that every year I would be the chaperon parent for the field trips.  I’m so sad I can’t do that any longer.  One more thing this damn illness has robbed from me.  Road trips are impossible.  The pressure from the seat belt combined with the extended sitting and lack of restroom, blah, blah, blah.

I’ve had to take it easy today.  The Fibromyalgia and the Interstitial Cystitis are on another rampage.  I really need someone famous to get this so they’ll fund more research and possibly find new treatments or even a cure.  I’m too broke and unimportant for anyone to be concerned.  I always laugh to myself about how scientists have struggled and slaved to create designer drugs to preserve erections, enlarge penises, stop wrinkles and reduce hair loss; yet many of the major chronic illnesses remain misunderstood.  Bummer.

I spent much of the day playing with my new knitting toy.  The ease of use of this neat loom is amazing.  It’s a three step process to make quite a variation of patterns.  Whomever created this is a genius.  I’ll finish knitting my first 185 yards of yarn tomorrow morning.  I’ve made a pillow cover.  It’s lovely, and so soft!  I plan on purchasing additional size looms and more yarn very soon.  I want to complete one project at a time.

Totally different subject.  My girls and I love to give each other manicures and pedicures.  Each week we change our colors.  Youngest and I wanted to update our nails earlier than usual so we reviewed our  color choices.  Everything seemed mundane, so we went shopping for something new.  When we arrived, a particular brand was on sale, buy one get one free.  Of course we loved the offer.  We looked at the traditional colors, and nothing caught our eye.  The saleswoman approached and pointed out a new palate that had arrived today.  They were gorgeous!  Beautiful sparkly berry shades.  We selected a blueberry and a cherry.  As we were checking out the sales woman said, “Don’t forget to sniff them!”  I smiled at her thinking she was propagandizing huffing.  “That lady was a weirdo,” I commented to Youngest on our way out.

At home Youngest asked to paint my toenails, so I let her.  I chose the shiny blueberry.  While she made me gorgeous I became distracted with my knitting.  Out of the corner of my eye, I spied Youngest sniffing my toes.  “Um, what’re you doing?” I asked slightly suspicious.  Emphatically she replied, “Mommy, your toenails smell like blueberries!  Smell them!”  I sniffed my toes and I’ll be damned if they didn’t smell delicious.  The new polishes are berry scented when they dry.  Too cool.


~ by blanketgirl on April 22, 2009.

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