panic Think of

To carry on from yesterday, I have started the catherter treatment.  So far I haven’t noticed anything but a sore ureter, but I’ve been told the results should be evident in approximately two weeks.  I can’t wait.  Cathing is so god awful.  Definitely am putting something where something should not be.  I intend to stick with the program in an effort to avoid surgery.  Cross fingers for a happy outcome!

I just finished packing Oldest for her field trip tomorrow.  It’s a two day adventure one state over.  When I was growing up our field trips consisted of food processing plants and farms or gardens.  The most we needed was a permission slip and a sack lunch.

Times have changed.  This trip will be on a touring bus complete with restroom and large screen television.  The children are bringing DVD’s to watch on the six hour trip.  I packed up money, snacks, sunscreen, toiletries, clothing, backpack and sleeping pad for Oldest.  She’s absolutely prepared.  I even put everything in little baggies as I hate cleaning up spills inside duffels.

I’m antsy about the trip.  My over-protective-mommy-fear is rearing it’s ugly rolling pin and apron.  I just want her to be safe.  Funny thing about kiddos, you can’t replace or exchange them.  She’s my one of a kind limited edition, still in the package baby.  I keep telling myself she’ll be fine.  It’s only two days.  Freakin’ relax would ya psycho BlanketGirl!  No bad thoughts….no bad thoughts….

New subject.

While at the department store today I stopped by the crafting section and came upon knitting needles.  My sweet Ezekiel and dear Weasel have taken a fondness to the hobby which piqued my interest.  I perused the stock and decided it wasn’t for me.  My damn fingers and hands get tired very quickly.  Then I saw it – a knifty knitter knitting loom.  I bought it and some yarn.  I’m so excited to try it out!

Tomorrow I plan on knitting my worries away.  Or at least just knitting, worries intact.


~ by blanketgirl on April 21, 2009.

One Response to “panic Think of”

  1. Yay for knitting! I can’t wait to hear/see how you get on. I’m very bad at posting photos of my stuff.

    Hope Oldest Niece enjoys her trip and all your worry was for naught.

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