Little Girl

My sweet Youngest is sick again today.  I kept her home from school.  Another high fever.  Poor kiddo!  She’s had one illness after the other for almost two months.  She needs to get off this sick train!  She woke up crying this morning, which isn’t the norm.  She’s always bubbly.  At first it was a fever and a headache.  Now it’s a fever, headache and stuffy nose.  I knew it was bad when she wanted me to hold her while she slept mid afternoon.  My sweet little girl.  I hope she feels better soon!

I sat with her this afternoon and we watched movies.  Our favorite was “Peter and the Wolf”.  It’s a new animated version done in stop motion puppets.  Very cool.  It was a different story line than the classic as well so that was interesting.  We discussed the ways the different interpretations compared.  Youngest liked this on the best.  After that we watched “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”.  We got through the first thirty minutes and she asked to turn it off because it was stupid and not scary.  Hah!

I had to go to the store to buy more fever reducer, and sick sweetie had to go with me.  I hate going places when I’m sick.  I know she must too.  To make it more tolerable, I urged her to choose a new finger nail polish.  She found a glittery white one called “City Lights”.  Tomorrow I’ll giver her a manicure.  I’m a sucker, so I also let her buy a make up bag to hold her lip glosses and some glitter dust.  It’s a good insurance policy to protect her sister’s stash of make up.

While we were there I picked up some astringent for me.  Once home, I put some on a cotton circle and wiped my face.  Youngest came in to watch me.  “Can  try it Mommy?”

“Sure.”  I put some on a cotton circle for her.  She started wiping her face, then her eyes got squinty and she started to breath through her mouth.  Gasping she gave the circle back to me.  “That’s disgusting.  Why would you do that to your face?”  She’s so cute.  I felt bad though, because it was still bugging her an hour later.  We washed her face to remove the stench.  It was so sad!  Nothing like adding insult to injury.  At least her sinus cavities cleared.

Oldest is staying the night at her friends’ home again.  They have so much fun together.  This friend has seven ferrets.  My daughter is in heaven.  She loves them.  I think she’d move in with them if they’d let her.  Not for their company of her friend or her family but for the ferrets.

Our baby fish are getting bigger.  Today I counted nine in the tank.  I’m not sure where this new one came from, but we welcome it to the group.  I can’t believe we missed one.  Youngest thinks they’ve already started having babies.  In the end we decided it’s just very good at hide and seek.

I’m getting nervous about the surgery on Monday.  I’m still trying to iron out prescription issues for some of my medications.  I’m totally disgusted that I began this process on March thirteenth and have nothing to show for it.  What a joke.  Every time I talk to them they tell me everything is great and the order will ship, then they find something else wrong.  It sucks!  Today the issue was that my insurance wouldn’t process the order because I’d already received my month supply.  On the fourteenth I had picked up four vials to help get me through until the main order could be filled.  When the mail order pharmacy tried to process the order, the insurance denied the claim.  Apparently the pharmacy just arbitrarily billed the four vials as a whole month.  An entire month supply is sixty.  Damn it!  I went the the pharmacy and paid for the four vials I’d collected and had them reverse the charge to the insurance.  I was assured that this would be the last item holding up the order and everything would be shipped to arrive tomorrow. I sighed a great sigh of relief.  I didn’t want to have to deal with this before or after surgery.

Silly me for getting my hopes up!  When I returned from the pharmacy there was a message on the answering machine from the mail order pharmacy.  “We’ve run into another dilemma with your prescription.  Please call us as soon as you receive this message.”  How cryptic.  I called and wait for it…they were closed until tomorrow.  Gah.

I hope my darling youngest is feeling better tomorrow.  I hope I get my meds tomorrow.  I can’t wait for freaking tomorrow!


~ by blanketgirl on April 17, 2009.

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