My goodness.  Today started out quite well.  I went to my pain doctor appointment and got that sorted.  Then I returned home to talk with my sister and Weasel (which was delightful).  I finished the phone call near lunch time and decided to make a salad.

I sat eating my lunch when Oldest walked in the door.  “Why are you here?” I asked.

“It’s a half day today Mommy.” she answered.  “Where’s sister?”

I totally threw my salad bowl up on the entertainment center so the dog wouldn’t get it and ran to get dressed whispering under my breath crap. crap. crap.  I had left to my doctor appointment at 7:00 that morning and had no idea it was a half day.

Oldest and I rushed to the school.  I was approximately 22 minutes late picking youngest up.  Our family rule is that if for whatever reason Mommy or Daddy isn’t there waiting after school, they are to go back to the classroom and call Mommy.  If you can’t get back into class you go to the front office and call Mommy.

I parked the car and rushed into the front office.  They hadn’t had any students come back after the release bell.  The classroom was empty.  The office staff paged the campus for my kiddo to come to the front office.

I waited for a few moments, then decided I needed to find her.  I knew she wasn’t there.  I requested that if she were to report to the office they hold her there for me, I also promised to call if and when I found her elsewhere.

As I pulled out of the parking lot and started scanning the sidewalks for her bouncy blonde hair, it occurred to me that everyday she waits for me with the same few girls from our neighborhood and that said girls walk home.  I just knew she must be with them.

I arrived at their home a few moments later.  I walked in and asked the Mommy there, “Is youngest here?  Did she come home with your girls?”  She looked at me blankly, “Nope.  I don’t think so anyway.”

I did a mini flip out.  I mentally tried to remember what clothes she had worn to school today and her height and weight.  I was on the verge of tears.

“Before you panic, let me ask.”  Says other mother.  She rounds up her children (she has eight) and discovers that my youngest is hiding in the backyard so she doesn’t have to go home.  I stormed out the back door.  Pulled my child from her hiding place, and hugged her as gently as I could, rocking her back and forth in my arms.

We walked back inside and I hear other mother shouting at her children that they can’t just bring kids home with them.  They have to take them to their own home.  “I’m leaving,” I announced over her barking.  “I have to go home and hug/beat my child.”  I smiled as we left the chaos.  I was so happy to have found my youngest.

I called the school when I returned home.  They were pleased that my youngest hadn’t disappeared on their watch.  I reinforced to youngest the importance of following our family rules.  I brushed both children up on their personal safety practices and what to do if they can’t find me when I’m expected.  I dearly hope this doesn’t happen again.

I understand the real chances of something happening to my kiddos is quite small, yet I still panic.  These gorgeous girls are my world.

Tonight I read a book to my girls and told them again how much I love them.  I also told them I had no problem picking them up from school early everyday if this kind of crap ever happens again.


~ by blanketgirl on April 15, 2009.

One Response to “Missing”

  1. Sweet Jesus that is scary! So glad she is safe. Hugs to you all.

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