Sick of Hearin’ It

So today I went to hospital again.  I really dislike that place.

I can only assume that for as sick as I am of writing about my illness, everyone must be bored to tears reading about it.  Feel free to skip this one.

Upside of the visit?  I was admitted fairly quickly.  The doctor that assessed me was quite versed in IC and had no issues setting me up with what I needed.  He had the nurse give me fluids and morphine.  I returned home at about 5:00pm.  I’m impressed that they had me admitted, treated and back home in under five hours.

I didn’t plan on going to hospital today.  This morning I had an appointment with my urologist.   During the appointment we ironed out some long standing medication problems which have now been resolved (endless relief) and the items will arrive to me tomorrow.  We also discussed a procedure I have been circling around for several months; an interstim unit.  Essentially it’s a pacemaker that will be implanted in my back to regulate my bladder muscles in the same way that a heart pacemaker regulates each beat.  It won’t help the pain, but being able to ‘go’ would be very pleasant.  We’ve scheduled the procedure for next Monday.  I’ll have a trial run with the mechanism for two weeks, then if it’s successful the permanent installation will be scheduled.  Along with that good news I received a complimentary backpack full of prelubricated catheters (yay!) and treatment suggestions from the company I will now order said catheters from.  It’s a fancy padded backpack in pink and black with lots of grey netted pockets and zippered storage areas.

The sad part of the visit is that my doctor has reduced the amount of bladder installations I can do in a day.  Instead of ten, I can only do five.  Apparently the medication I’m on will eventually paralyze my bladder if I were to continue the ten.  Why, may I ask, is it that virtually every medication I’ve tried that works for me has some terrible consequence of extended use?  It’s such a crap chute.

After the appointment, I felt poorly and wanted to go home and lay down.  I knew the rising pain was going to kick my ass.  Still I believed that with a bit of rest I’d feel better.  I was resisting going to hospital.

I couldn’t go and rest though.  With the surgery being next week, I had to give blood and other samples at the lab today.  I told myself I could do this.  I would suffer through then go home.  As I sat in the special blood collecting chair my bladder screamed at me.  The nurse prepped my arm and inserted the needle.  The first vial was almost filled when, “Shoot!  You’re blood has stopped.  Your vein must have rolled.  Let’s do it again.”  I wanted to scream at him.  Note that I hate needles.  It took three more pokes and rooting twists before he had all the samples required.  Apparently I have deep veins that are mini roller coasters.

So that was the first part of my morning.  Due to the change in medication, I was unable to keep my bladder numb.  I knew I couldn’t prolong it any longer.  I needed husband to take me to hospital.  I gathered my things together.  Just then Oldest had a more pending issue.   Her injured eye was still bothering her.  I thought she may have scratched it, so I made an appointment with the eye doctor.  Happily she has no scratches on her cornea, and no debris in the eye.  The doctor stated it was most likely a reaction to the swimming pool chemicals she was exposed to on Saturday and Sunday.  We purchased some eye drops the doctor recommended, then returned home.  Unhappily by this time I was really hurting.

I decided I needed to eat before I could leave for the ER.  Usually the hospital takes five to six hours, so I didn’t want to go on an empty stomach.  I sat down and pondered on what to eat and couldn’t focus my thoughts.  When I can’t think and deciding on lunch makes me want to cry I know I’m at the point of despair.  Hello hospital admitting.

Tomorrow I see the pain doctor again.  I’m sure the pain issue will be resolved with some more medication adjustments.

I missed talking to Ezekiel and Weasel today due to all the excitement, so I look forward to talking with them tomorrow.

It always feels better getting all this jazz into paragraphs and out of my head.  I’m going to try and sleep now.


~ by blanketgirl on April 14, 2009.

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