Your Own Sun

Today was warm.  The summer is quickly settling in around us here in the desert.  The temperature will be in the 90’s (F) this weekend and will just progress up from there.

I love the winters here.  The air is just cool enough to wear a jacket, and sometimes there’s a bit of frost on the windshield in the morning, yet no snow.  I do not miss shoveling the driveway and sidewalk.

The fall is equally lovely.  The spring is breezy and beautiful.  There’s a crispness to the air in the morning that rounds out with a sort of lazy warmth in the late afternoon, followed by an early dusk and cooler temperatures.

I have kept the fan running on my air conditioning unit all day to keep the air circulating.  That way it doesn’t get unbearable in the afternoon.  I have the unfortunate positioning to have the bulk of my windows positioned on the west side of my house; this heralds in the late afternoon/early evening intense sunshine and turns the main room into a boiler.

My next home project is installing sun screens on the windows, followed by installing new ‘plantaion style’ slatted blinds.  I currently have cheesy cheap plastic mini blinds covering the windows that get hot to the touch in the afternoon, so I think they could be holding the heat.  I’m hoping the combination of running the fan and blocking out the light will help make the room more comfortable.

Different subject entirely beginning now.  🙂

Oldest and youngest went swimming with their grandparents while they were in town.  As a result of that activity, youngest got quite sunburned, and oldest scratched her eye.

Today I had to pick oldest up from school early to get her eye ointment.  She was so funny.  I suppose I really shouldn’t have thought it funny; I didn’t laugh in her presence.  She was poking her eye, and all the while was telling me how when she put her finger in her eye it hurt more.  It was everything in me to say, “Stop poking your eye.  Problem solved.”  I of course was more sensitive and treated the eye to stop the burning and itching, and brought her home to rest.

Poor youngest has very tender sunburns on her shoulders, back, neck and face.  When she returned home from school I covered her with cooling aloe gel.  I hated those sunburns when I was little.  Thank goodness there’s something better to treat them with now other than Noxema.

They’re both asleep now and seem to be feeling much better.


~ by blanketgirl on April 13, 2009.

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