Keep on Drivin’

Happy Easter everyone.  The Easter Bunny did a fantastic job.  The girls loved all their yummy candy.  The best gift was a chicken that lays eggs.  Not a real chicken, but a mechanical wind up chicken.  You twist the knob on the side (being careful to hold it’s legs so it doesn’t flip out of your hands) then let it loose on a table.   It walks along with stiff mechanical strides whilst ‘pooping’ out gumballs in the shapes of eggs.  I loved hearing the guffaws that accompanied that.

Happy Birthday to my middle sister!  She’s thirty years old today.  I don’t have many memories of her.  She and I didn’t have much in common when we were little, nor did we spend much time together.  She played with her friends, I played with mine.  The distance has continued into adulthood, but I try to shorten the gap when I can.

Middle had mentioned that she hadn’t had an actual birthday party since she was eighteen, so I decided to surprise her with one.  Her favorite fruit is lemon, so I made her a lemon birthday cake and lemon tarts.  I served a raspberry sorbet on the side.  Everyone loved it, especially Middle.  I was bummed I couldn’t eat it.  Stupid IC.  I put around forty candles on the cake of all different shapes, colors and sizes.  Some were striped, others were twirly twists of thin wax in ultra bright colors, and some were polka dotted.  We all sang happy birthday to her, my children adding “Cha cha cha!” at the end of each verse.  I haven’t seen her smile like that in several years.  It was nice to see her happy and having fun.  She blew out all the candles in one breath.  She’ll get her wish this year. [grins]

Everyone (my parents and Middle) just left a moment ago to go back to their hotel.  They leave for home early tomorrow morning.  I prefer their visits to last for at least a week, so it was hard to see them leave after only two days.  I knew the sojourn would be short as my family and I were only a pit stop along the greater vacation they had had to Las Vegas, San Diego and Mexico.

I love my Dad and Mom.  They’re great to my kiddos.  They brought them dresses and took them swimming at the hotel for hours.  They also let them choose their favorite restaurant and let them order anything on the menu they wanted.  Even dessert.  That’s definitely the way to my girls’ hearts.

While everyone was here we watched the queef episode of South Park.  If you haven’t watched it yet, you really should.  So funny.  This is the song featured at the end:

We laughed and then remembered this lovely spoof of the show “Most Haunted”.  You have to cut and paste the link, but it’s worth it.  Please note that you have to watch it at the link as it’s been removed from You Tube.

Our eyes were watering with laughing tears.  I love that my family and I can laugh together at such truly immature things.


~ by blanketgirl on April 12, 2009.

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