My Father’s

So my parents are arriving tomorrow morning.  I’m always on the fence about whether I’m pleased or nervous that they’re visiting.  I take that back, I’m always super happy to see my Dad.  He’s wonderful to me.  I love my Mom, but…

Anyway, they’ll be bringing my younger sister with them, this is the sister between Ezekiel and myself.  I’m the oldest.  This sister is a tricky one to read.  I try to get along with her and not ruffle her feathers.  She’s quite sensitive.  I mostly aspire to not piss her off and send her on a rampage effectively sabotaging the visit.

I’m going to start cleaning in a few hours.  I like the house to be almost perfect when they arrive.  Mom always says she just likes to see us, but I see that wondering glance sizing up my housekeeping skills.  She’s quite the perfectionist.  For someone that doesn’t pay attention to those things she sure makes many comments.  Last visit it was, “Wow!  The house is cleaner than I’ve ever seen it!  I’m impressed!  Oh, not that it isn’t always very nice.  You know what I meant, right?”

The family will be here for Easter.  It’ll be fun for the girls to have their gramma and granpa here.  My parents spoil them completely earning much devotion.  I’ll be making a kick ass Easter dinner for all of us complete with applewood smoked ham and all the appropriate side dishes.  Middle sister’s birthday is on Easter day, so I’m preparing lemon cake with lemon frosting, lemon tart and raspberry sorbet.  I was told that her favorite desserts all contain lemon.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that she likes it.  If she doesn’t I’ll be irritated; I can’t have anything acidic, so this is 100% for her.  I’ll be eating rice cakes.  Yum!

Ezekiel’s birthday is the eleventh.  I’ve made a deal with her that I will buy her a special phone that she needs.  I can’t wait for her to have it.  We have such long chats that I know a new phone will help her to not have numb arm syndrome after our calls.

I always giggle when I consider my sister’s birthdays.  They are one day and two years apart in age.  I know when my parents like to get busy!  Don’t they know you can have sex in other months other than July?

I found this hilarious UK commercial.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  The US needs ads like this!


~ by blanketgirl on April 10, 2009.

One Response to “My Father’s”

  1. … I’d not seen that advert before! that’s brilliant :D.

    Good luck with the visit, I hope everything goes well :).

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