How’s Your Jesus Christ

The family and I just returned from the Easter Pageant.  The performance was impressive.  I think there were at least three hundred actors.  The play ran through Jesus’ life from birth to crucifixion and resurrection.  Lots of musical numbers and dancing.  Great costumes.

There were protesters outside the play boundaries taunting everyone that watched (it was an outdoor event), claiming they were lemmings and uneducated.  They shouted, “Christ is the real Lord!  You’re not true Christians!” during the prayers and threw things at folks.  See!  That’s how true Christians behave.  They protest Easter pageants celebrating the life of Christ.  Hah!

Last time I checked everyone was allowed to practice or worship whatever strikes their fancy.  I know the haters have a right to free speech, but they were being asshats.  Let the people get their Jesus on.

The kids can’t wait for the Easter Bunny.  I think they’re more worried about their dresses and baskets filled with candy then they are about Jesus.  They gave me an ad from the local shop with all the toys and candy they wanted circled.  I hope the Easter Bunny doesn’t fuck it up!

The baby fish all survived their first full night and day.  Their orange color is becoming more intense.  As I watched TV I would look up to admire the little swimmers, and notice one or two fighting the pull of the life stripping filter of death.  At first husband kept trying to communicate to them that they should stay out of that general area, stupid fish.  They just wouldn’t listen, so we turned off the filter before bed last night.  It was hilarious to listen to husband chastise the fish.  I wish I had a recorder.


~ by blanketgirl on April 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “How’s Your Jesus Christ”

  1. Aint they charming? They don’t just hate on us queers, they think everyone else is doing god wrong as well. I guess I must have missed the commandment ‘hector they neighbour and throweth thine items at them’ … somewhere in the appendices perhaps?

    I’m glad the fish are settling in well, and am deeply amused by the thought of Chris telling them what for :). Hopefully they will listen and be larned.

    And don’t worry about the bunny, that little fluffy guy is like chuck norris and jack bauer all rolled into one with a cute little powder puff tail … all will be well :).

  2. Your weather pixie has great tits. Just FYI.

    I think if someone invited me to a protest against an Easter pageant I’d think they were kidding and then I’d tell them they were an idiot for ever thinking of going and then I’d have to seriously reconsider my association with them.

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