Even the Wind

Today was ferociously windy.  I’d forgotten what it feels like to have my hair tied in knots by a colossal  gust.  I noticed some children flying kites in a field.  The kites would pop to attention and take off right away.  The kids grinned in delight until the kites rebelled, snapping the string connecting them.  Bye bye kites.  Poor kids.

I brought our eight new fishies home today.  They are so minuscule!  Check ’em out!  Can you spot the fishy?

baby fishy onebaby fishy twobaby fishy threeI’m surprised at how difficult it is to get a good picture of these guys!  They’re nimble!

The girls were enthusiastic to name them.  The main problem in assigning names is that they all look the same.  In addition to that, I would like for the girls to let them grow before they get too attached; we’ve already had one get sucked into the filter (I saved it just in time, no harm).

I finished sewing my daughter’s baptism dress today.  Very lovely.  I didn’t have enough time to start from scratch (she’s getting baptized on Sat.) so I altered an existing dress I had from junior high choir.  It was so ugly; white with a cheesy velcro belt in the back.  Totally 80’s style.  Poofy shoulder padded sleeves and a princess waist.  Daughter made barfing sounds when she saw it and wanted nothing to do with it.  I assured her it would be gorgeous in the end.  She didn’t believe me that it could be saved, until I brought it out for her to try on.  Then it changed to, “Oh Mommy!  It looks like a princess dress!”  She loves it.  I changed it by removing the old sleeves and adding shiny white lace ones with a beautiful rosette ribbon edge.  Then I pulled the skirt apart, covering it with a layer of the same lace used on the sleeves.  Before I reattached the bodice I embroidered a fabulous floral and leaf pattern in shiny white thread around the neckline with my friend’s amazing sewing machine.  I’ll take more pictures when she’s wearing my handiwork.



~ by blanketgirl on April 8, 2009.

One Response to “Even the Wind”

  1. Fishes and talent all in one place. Wish I were there too.

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