Book and Some

I love to read and have passed this passion on to my children.  When we went to the library, the girls picked out twenty books each.  Oldest selected horror/mysteries and a few graphic novels.  Youngest chose picture books with silly themes and lovely art.

We always read at night.  The stories help us mellow out before bed.  Right now my girls and I are reading a book called “My Dad’s a Birdman”.  It’s hilarious.  My girls giggle through the chapters, making it hard for me to read since I’m giggling with them.  It’s a fun story about a little girl who is in charge of her father as he’s sort of flipped and started eating flies and building a nest.  Reversed roles sort of thing.  There’s also a character named Mr. Poop.  The name sends the girls into belly laughs.

Tonight my daughters are having a slumber party.  They both have a friend over.  First they ate pizza, now they’re watching a show that’s running down the 100 most popular songs of the 80’s.  The song “Harden My Heart” came on, and oldest thought she was singing, “I’m gonna harden my fart.”  The room has melted into cachinnation.  They are so easily entertained.  Husband is referring to the chaos as childhood spazztication.

I have to take pictures of myself with little doggie tomorrow.  It’s been requested that I take 5-10 of she and I in a relaxed cozy pose outdoors.  These are for the web slideshow.  I’ll do it, however I’m hating the idea.  I dislike taking pictures of myself.  Now I have to put on makeup, do my hair, and find a decent outfit.  Damn my love of cozy track suits!


~ by blanketgirl on April 3, 2009.

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