Feel Nice

Today I spoke to the fact checker at the magazine that my family and I will be featured in in May.  It looks like everything is on schedule.  It had been undecided which families would be included in the issue; apparently sixteen families were interviewed and only four were to be selected.

We’re one of the lucky winners to be included. The checker told me that she was very touched by our story.  She was reading it on the subway and actually cried.  She said she was quite embarrassed because she hadn’t anticipated that response in such a public place.  Our story is a heartwarming one I suppose.  Another nice surprise is that we’ll be featured in a slideshow for the mag’s website.  I hope this media attention brings more doggies and families together.

I was asked to provide photos for the slideshow.  I submitted several, these being some of my favorites:

so shygood dogsblisstreats?

My doggie children are so sweet.  One thing I’m trying to improve for them (and for me) is their doggie breath.  They want to give kisses, and I hesitate.  They smell a bit like hot garbage really.  I went to the shop to ask what I should use.  Big doggie has his rawhide chews which keep his breath somewhat in check, but little doggie, heaven help her, has only a few teeth and reeks.  The clerk suggested the neatest thing – doggie breath mint water additive.  You place a capful in the drinking water, and whall- ah!  Fresh breath!  I didn’t know such a thing existed.  I’m hoping it works.  The packaging suggested I only have 48 hours to wait and smell.

Big doggie received a new bed today.  He usually likes to squeeze into the tiny little cat size beds.  Hubby and I were out buying dog food, and we found a wonderful bed just the right size.  We brought it home and urged him to get in.  He looked at it, sniffed it, then bypassed it for the old teeny bed.  He’s so goofy!  I’ll keep trying to get him to enjoy the sprawling space of the big bed, but I have a feeling that it’ll go back to the store soon for lack of use.


~ by blanketgirl on April 2, 2009.

One Response to “Feel Nice”

  1. I love your doggie children too!

    I cannot wait to see the article.

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