Your Late

Today was an odd day.  I’m writing this after midnight, but at least I still got my entry in for the 31st!

First thing this morning I spoke to my sister and Weasel.  That was an awesome way to start the day.  I love them both.

Next I had to deal with doctors.  Again.  I know, I know, don’t I have anything else to write about?  Not really.  My whole life is consumed with going to doctors, calling doctors, thinking about going to doctors, figuring out medications, etc.

In my hyper vigilant way I called the pain center to tell them about the pain medication I received from the ER yesterday and try to schedule an appointment.  Bad idea.  They actually threatened to drop me as a patient for violating my medication contract.  I was shocked.  First of all, when I signed the contract, they told me it just verified that I would get all my medications from the same pharmacy to avoid drug interactions.  Second, they never gave me a copy of what I signed, so I am only as informed as the doctors and nurses treating me.

Yesterday I specifically asked the ER doc if the prescription would be a problem because I was a pain center patient.  I was reassured that it was fine as long as I went to see the pain center doctor as soon as possible.  She also explained that the prescription was to help me avoid having to go back to the ER while I waited to see the pain center doctor.  Unfortunately she was misinformed.  I didn’t know that until I called the pain center to schedule the appointment and report the new prescription.  I’m such a dummy pants sometimes; way too honest.  I realize now that if I had kept my mouth shut and just scheduled the appointment, I could have avoided what came next.

I spoke to my patient advocate who scheduled an appointment for me to see my doctor tomorrow morning.  That part was okay.  Then she explained that she didn’t know all the details of the medication contract, but she knew I wasn’t to get prescriptions from other sources.  I started to sweat.  She transferred me to the head of patient relations who proceeded to ream my ass.  Not only did I violate the contract, but I was to cease and desist ingesting the medication given to me by the ER doc immediately.  She would be noting in my file that I took three of the pills.  I was then instructed to bring the new medications with me to my morning appointment so they could be destroyed.  If I had further “discomfort” I should go back to the ER for injectable medications only.

I’m so confused!  To help myself get it all straight, I requested a copy of the medication contract.  I realize now that I should have had a copy of it since the beginning, hind sight and all that.  At least now I’ll have it and won’t make another error.

Since I had no additional meds and was still flaring like crazy I wanted to go back to the ER.  Hubby had to leave and I’m not to drive myself home after a visit there so I couldn’t go.  I was so sad.  This illness sucks.

I dream sometimes that I wake up and can eat whatever I want, take long car trips, pee normally, hold down a job and have sex.  I miss that life.  Quick!  Someone invent a cure for IC!


~ by blanketgirl on April 1, 2009.

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