Is Tricky

Boy, getting this sleep thing figured out is a pure mystery to me right now.  I try so hard to sleep at night, but instead find myself watching TV or playing games on the computer to whittle away the early morning hours.  Then I find myself unable to stay awake during the day, and nap almost accidentally for at least three hours.

I see the pattern; I know I have to not sleep during the day.  This is the tricky part: when I do avoid napping during the day, I still don’t sleep at night.  I’ve thought about all the variables and just can’t find the balance.  I’ve tried not eating at night, and eating at night.  I’ve tried taking certain meds at certain times to not have it interfere with my sleep schedule.  I’ve tried staying out of my bedroom except when I’m sleeping.  I’ve tried hot tea and a shower.  Nothing is working!

Usually I wait until I’m about to fall asleep standing, then I go to bed.  What happens though is the bed gives me some sort of magical renewed energy.  It’s crazy.  As soon as I lie down I’m ready to read a book, or watch a movie, or I suddenly remember all the things I’d been trying to remember during the day and feel compelled to get out of bed and compile a list.  Either that or I suddenly need the answer to some burning random question and have to go ask internet.  The internet is also a tricky bitch.  Once I get my answer to said random question, I end up needing to check my email. Another thing is my IC.  During the day I’m a bit less aware of the pain because I can distract myself.  After my treatments, I’m still not well.  It still hurts.  When I’m lying in bed the pain intensifies.  I always do a treatment before bed, and wake up about three or four times in the night to do more treatments.  I’m a total spazz at night.

Actually, as I sit and write this, I’m wondering if that’s it.  Maybe it’s the pain keeping me up.  I’ll try more pain killers before bed and a treatment an hour prior, followed by another treatment right before I go to sleep.

Wish me luck and sweet dreams!

One more thing.  Husband knows how I adore cheesy jokes.  He brought me home this gem:

Q:  What type of pants do the Super Mario Brothers wear?

A: Denim, denim, denim (you say the answer like the song)

Here’s the song I’m referencing.  Go to 1:46 in the video.  🙂


~ by blanketgirl on March 27, 2009.

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