Lessons Cloaked in Games

The main event today was parent teacher conferences for my sweet daughters.  Youngest daughter received a glowing review.  She improved all her grades overall by several points.  Her teacher also told me wonderful stories of youngest helping other students who have been struggling with the work.  She used to be a bit of a distraction to the other kids, so this change in behavior is a happy surprise.  I’m very proud!   As a reward for her hard work I let her play hooky from school (it was a half day) and go out to eat breakfast with me, then on to shops to run errands.  I had so much fun with her.  We were able to talk and spend a few hours together alone.  She really is a terrific kid.  She told me this joke, “What type of key do you use to open a banana?  A monkey!”  I love cheesy jokes from eight year olds.  Part of the charm is the delivery followed by hysterical laughter.

Older daughter also surprised me.  I was expecting all A’s, she’s been listed on honor roll ever year.  Shockingly darling had C’s!  I don’t press my kids for good grades, I want them to want it for themselves.  I asked her what had happened and she, laughing in an embarrassed fashion, explained that she hated doing the assignments; the work is boring so she just threw them away.  Wow.  The good news is that the assignments she did complete all achieved 97% or higher so we know she understands the lessons.  I’m happy she was able to tell me what happened without being nervous about being judged.  She’s still trusted, maybe even more since she was honest in the end.  Other than that she had a raving review.  She’ always polite and kind.  Her teacher loves her sense of humor and helpful attitude.  The book she wrote for creative writing was very inspired, per her teacher, “One of the best written stories in the class.”  Good job kiddo!  I’m really proud of her too.

I’m so lucky to have such cool kids.



~ by blanketgirl on March 26, 2009.

One Response to “Lessons Cloaked in Games”

  1. And I’m lucky to have such cool nieces!

    Well done to both of them.

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