Recently a friend of mine purchased a platy fish for her young daughter.  Upon transitioning it into it’s new home, they noticed the fish was getting fat at an abnormal rate for the amount of food they were feeding it.  Surprise!  The fish was pregnant!  Now they have forty platys.  Their little girl was delighted; she had wanted two fish, not one.  She definitely got what she wanted and then some!

After finding out about the babies I decided that the old 10 gallon aquarium on our entertainment center, that is baron of fish and acting solely as an interesting light source, would be a perfect home.  We’ve decided to take ten of the babies this Saturday.  They are very tiny, about the size of the eyelet on a large sewing needle.  They’re currently see through with little black spots in their bellies where the food is.  They’ll turn a bright orange in about a month.  Adorable!

I’m very excited to have fish again.  The aquarium was looking a bit sad and filthy, so it’s wonderful to see it bright and shiny like it used to be.  It almost looks new!  Moving the aquarium also allowed me to shoo out the dust bunnies behind the TV and other electronics.  I feel quite accomplished, but exhausted.  No insomnia tonight…I hope!



~ by blanketgirl on March 25, 2009.

One Response to “Aquarium”

  1. Yay for new baby fish!! And for cleaning behind things!

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