I Dyed My Hair Red Today

That’s exactly what I did.  My hair has been renewed in all it’s faux red glory.  I love it!  It’s always very soft afterwards.  The color is very vibrant.  The somewhat blurry photo is my actual hair, and the clear image is from the packaging for the haircolor.

printed colorpainted hair

The actual color is very fiery and fantastic.  The one on the box is an okay representation, just not as true to the color as it is in my hair.  I found it’s very hard to take a picture of a ponytail without getting a photo of the person it’s attached to, so this is as good as it’s going to get for now.  🙂

The light bounces off each strand in a way that gives me quite the warm fuzzy.  I feel pretty, damn it!

Nothing much really happened today.  Thank God!  Last night I was up until around 7:00a, which was crazy feeling.  I only slept for a bout three hours before I arose to begin my day.  I keep waiting for the insane fatigue to hit, but so far it hasn’t.  Either that or I’m delirious and don’t know it yet.

I did talk to my sister and Weasel as I do every Tuesday.  It was a nice long talk today.  Last week was so messy and busy between doctor appointments and office calls that I didn’t get the proper talk time I wanted.  It sucked!  The conversations I have with them help me so much!

Sister and I talked doctors and illnesses.  Weasel and I talked books and video games.  It’s always entertaining and valuable.  I now have a new author I must pick up at the library, and some sympathy for what sister is going through with her doctor.  It’s not just me with the doctor woes!  I know I say it every Tuesday, but I love these two with all my heart.  Miss you both desperately.

Random thought:  One of my favorite descriptive words of someone I dislike is an asshat.  Sister had told me about an image she saw of a donkey wearing a top hat.  Hence “asshat”.  I decided to try and find more.  Enjoy the fruits of my internet labor! 🙂



~ by blanketgirl on March 24, 2009.

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